10 Beautiful and Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces

Winter is the perfect time to start planning for those summer months to come again, it’s a great time to redecorate and get everything ready that way you don’t lose time planning it all in the summer only for it to end so quickly. There really is nothing better than coming home from a long, hard days work and kicking back your feet outside with a cold drink. It’s one of the cheapest and most natural ways to relax, with the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, it’s the perfect setting to wind down and forget about your woes, at least for a little while. Finding the perfect outdoor living products is easy, there are many furniture warehouses that stock great outdoor furniture and finishings, as well as plenty of online stores where you can easily compare prices and styles.

Keep it Simple

Simple settings really can be the easiest way to relax, a pair of butterfly chairs, a small table, maybe some cushions that are really all you need. You could move this around depending on where you want to sit, maybe a hidden spot in your backyard, or sit with your partner in the front yard together after a long day. Putting the chairs on the grass and kicking back is a sure way to unwind, with the sound of the wind blowing through the grass, the smell of fresh air, maybe hanging up a wind chime, maybe even enjoying a snack or beverage outside.

Rooftop Hangout

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you don’t have a yard there is no need to fret, the rooftop of any building can be transformed into a relaxing getaway. This is great if you live right in the middle of a bustling city with no greenery near your place. Assuming that the roof is safe of course, if not you might want to consider putting in a railing. There are many different options you have for decorating this kind of space, you could add a small table and chairs for a space to eat with a great view, maybe a futon and some blankets and pillows, even a sun chair for when you want to soak up some rays. For the ultimate rooftop hang out don’t forget to hang some twinkling lights for a cozy vibe.

Tropical Oasis

You can turn almost any porch or deck into a tropical getaway. Depending on your style, if tropical, beach vibes are your thing then you might want to purchase some wood furniture pieces for your deck, a hammock or two and some soft lighting or a tiki torch or two. If you have space you could even have guests over and mix up a few tropical flavored cocktails in the sun, maybe play some cards, or grab a good book and relax. You can amp up the vibe by investing in some curtains to soften the natural sunlight and give you that real beach holiday mood.

Easy Dining

You can easily bring part of the indoors outside by transforming your outdoor space into an open dining area. Whether you want a table for two, just for you and a glass of wine, or maybe a larger setting for guests. You could surround it by big, luscious, greenery and Have a private part of the yard where only you know about is one way to make it special. Make sure to keep lots of tablecloths, and pillows handy to make sure that the seating is comfortable and to keep your table looking new.

Hanging Outdoor Chairs

Hanging Outdoor Chairs

If you have a big backyard and plenty of space why not put in some hanging outdoor chairs, or a hammock and finally use those trees for something. Hammocks are no doubt one of the easiest, and most comfortable ways to relax outdoors. Kick of your shoes and dive right in, or maybe grab a few pillows, blankets, a good book and some cold drinks for a really relaxing time. Don’t worry if your backyard is a little sparse, there a plenty of hammocks and hanging outdoor chairs designs that come with their own stands so you can enjoy this anywhere.

Exotic Pergola

Installing a pergola into your backyard can make that space feel like your very own backyard hideaway. Pergolas can look and feel luxurious and exotic and by throwing up some white curtains can make space feel more excluded. Almost like your sitting on a beach somewhere in the Greek isles, all you need now is someone with a giant fan. You can place a sofa, daybed or just scatter the place with a table and some large fluffy cushions to sit on, this is a great way to create a space for you to relax in, maybe share a date with your significant other, or call your friends over for a couple drinks and a chat. With curtains, you can even do this on a hot day.

Cozy Porch

cozy porch

A comfortable porch can easily be the best place to nap in the day or night. The fresh air and cool breeze is one great way to sleep and it has a roof for protection. When looking to transform your porch into a cozy snoozing space aim for either a daybed or a rocking hanging bed, you don’t even have to go all out a large cushioned sofa will do just fine for a snooze.

Reading Getaway

For all the book lovers out there what could be more perfect than having a private little reading nook tucked somewhere away in the garden for only you and a good book to enjoy. You just need a cushioned seat and a little table for that cup of tea that goes with your book so well. Maybe some nice greenery around you to keep you hidden.

Family Patio

A patio hangout is great for everyone, creating a space that is kid friendly and adult friendly means that you can all enjoy the outdoors when summer comes around. Maybe throw a barbecue and invite your closest friends, all you need are a few chairs, maybe some hanging outdoor chairs ideas to make this space fun for children and adults, just make sure to bring some greenery like some nice potted plants to liven the space up.

Family Patio

Dreamy Poolside

If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a pool, you can transform your space into that poolside dream you’ve always imagined. Maybe an oversized umbrella, some small tables with tea lights, a day bed, and some good quality, cushioned deck chairs will be sure to turn your space into that oasis you’ve been thinking of. Poolside lounging is definitely one of the best ways to unwind during those hot summer months, or a midnight swim. You can find plenty of outdoor furniture setting online or at a local warehouse near you.