10 Strange Phobias – #3 Is Fear Of Poetry

There many strange things people are afraid of, like poetry. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that involves, irrational and exaggerated fears. There are three types of phobias. Social phobias cause people to fear social situations. Agoraphobia causes people to be afraid of not being to escape an event or place. And specific phobias, when people are afraid of a situation, object or place. They are broken down into five different categories: situational phobias, animal phobias, blood-injection-injury phobias, natural environment phobias and phobias that don’t fit the previous categories. These phobias will often develop in kids and are often caused by brain chemistry, traumatic events and learned behaviors from our parents.

10. Fear of Paper – Papyrophobia

People who suffer this phobia fear different kinds of paper, some fear dry paper, some torn, wet or blank while others fear touching it. Some fear all kinds of paper. Even though it decreases in its use, the paper is still an important part of our lives, treatments include desensitization, cognitive behavioral therapy and sometimes even anti-anxiety medication.

9. Fear of Youth – Ephebiphobia

Ephebiphobia was originally classified as a fear or loathing of teenagers. Sufferers go through paranoia, avoidance, exclusion and even discrimination of teenagers. Therapy includes talk therapy to discover the root of the fear and developing coping skills to alleviate the phobia.

8. Fear of Mirrors – Eisoptrophobia

The root of this phobia for some people is seeing their own reflection. For some, it’s rooted in superstition, for example breaking a mirror and having bad luck for seven long years. However, we’re certain that narcissists don’t suffer from this phobia.

7. Fear of Vomiting – Emetophobia

The root of this fear is often in a traumatic childhood experience, for example, feeling like being a burden or feeling a loss of control when sick. In order to cope with this phobia, you need to explore the anxiety behind it. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps with coping, and if the phobia includes panic attacks, medications might be of help.

6. Fear of Sleep – Somniphobia

As it is with other phobias, you need to find the root in order to treat somniphobia. Instead of using sleeping pills, cognitive behavior therapy, the same therapy used to treat other anxiety disorders, is helpful for treating somniphobics.

5. Fear of Chings – Geniophobia

We’re not talking about preference, or what you might find attractive, people with geniophobia fear to look and touching chins, whether their own or someone others. It does sound strange, those who suffer know that it’s irrational. However, treatments like exposure therapy, talk therapy, and medication can help those who suffer to overcome their phobias.

4. Fear of Color – Chromophobia

It’s difficult for people who have this phobia to live a normal life. Some people who suffer fear all colors, some just a few. They try and make their lives colorless to deal with the phobia. Imagine living your life, feeling great and suddenly encountering a color that fills you with overwhelming anxiety and persistent fear.

3. Fear of Poetry – Metrophobia

To find the roots of some phobias is really difficult, however, the fear of poetry might have it’s rooted in our first introduction to the literary art. We fear poetry because it is unknown to us. The personal poems and love quotes for a girlfriend or boyfriend that wee see can be careful sometimes. It has a reputation that it is for academics and it is elite, so we’re afraid that we’ll look foolish. Many people have this because unfamiliarity is what makes us uncomfortable, making peace with poetry is for the best.

2. Fear of Work – Ergophobia

People who suffer this phobia experience a lot of anxiety regarding work, either when they are in the workplace, have to do something that is associated with a usual workday, or called upon to do some kind of work. Sometiemes erhophobia is a few phobias combined into one.

1. Fear of Fear – Phobophobia

Phobophobia is the fear of developing a phobia, or the fear of phobias. It is the fear of fear. Fear is necessary for our survival and it has been helpful so far. Phobias, however, are irrational fears and anxiety disorders. They cause exaggerated responses to fear, from sweaty palms, to social isolation and panic attacks.