14 Actors and Musicians Who Write Love Poems

If you’ve wondered who are the actors and musicians that write love poems, wonder, no more. Here we have a list of our favorites and the more famous actors and musicians who write poetry.

Kristen Stewart
We all know that Kristen Stewart will silently face judge and grimace through an entire movie, but she’s also weird, and guess what? That’s right, her poetry is weird too. The poetry that she writes is interesting and fun to read when you get over the fact that it’s weird and that you’ll have no idea what’s it about.

Suzanne Somers
In the book “Touch Me” of collected poems, Suzanne Somers writes precisely what we think she’s going to write: the time she was wearing a green sweater and wanted to be touched. And of course in the poem “Beautiful Girls” she tells us how hard it is to be the most attractive person at a party, and it’s a sentiment that all of us can’t relate to, the main reason being is she tells us so.

Charlie Sheen
In the early 1990s, Charlie Sheen wrote a book of poems named “A Peace Of My Mind” and gave several copies to some of his closest friends. There is a poem in the book, “I.D. Blues” where he writes about crowds of people trying to speak with him during dinner, he then starts freaking out and reveals his secret that he’s a dead past president. Yeah, we know…

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson graced the cover of the January 2011 issue of Playboy, and she had the centerfold piece and this was the 13th time she welcomed us with her attributes. However, this time just for her fans she included a poem named “Musings From The Bed Of Pamela” and she just uses, assuming from the bed. We have no other explanation.

James Franco
The ridiculously weird and ridiculously good-looking James Franco brings us a lot of poetry. But, his book of poems “Directing Hebert White” is something different. He writes about all kinds of different things and it’s fascinating.

Rosie O’Donnell
Rosie O’Donnell writes poetry and posts it on her personal blog. The best part of this is that it’s written in AIM talk of the early 2000s and it will leave you wondering why did she choose to upload her poetry to the internet and reminiscing of the old days and dial-up.

Britney Spears
In the mid-2000s when she was getting all of the paparazzi coverage, Britney Spears decided to express herself and her problems through poetry. In a poem named “Remembrance Of Who I Am” that she posted on her official website, Britney talks about her husband at the time Kevin Federline. Explaining how he practiced voodoo on her, poised her and him trying to steal a crown from her.

Russell Crowe
When accepting the “Actor of our Lifetime” award Russell Crowe decided to recite a poem that he wrote. His poem takes lines from other famous works and with it Russel gives advice to the crowd and talks about what a poet he is.

Amber Tamblyn
Amber Tamblyn has co-founded the nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society and has written and published two poetry books. In “Laurel Gene” she explains how it is to be a star that  the spotlight shined away from. And well, it’s actually really good.

Ed Westwick
Back in 2008 in an interview with People Magazine Westwick recited some verses that he memorized and said that he wrote them in six in the morning. They are about someone in a dress and they really don’t mean anything.

Leonard Nimoy
Being a lot more emotional than his Vulcan counterpart, Leonard Nimoy published a few collections of super sad love poems that are great and bring tears to your eyes.

Alicia Keys
It really shouldn’t be a surprise that Alicia Keys has released a book of love quotes, poems and lyrics “Tears for Water” that she has written. She’s participated in Def poetry and owned it if we do say so.

Ashanti who is for some the favorite Ja Rule collaborator has published a poem book in the early 2000s named “Foolish/Unfoolish: Reflections on Love”. Our favorite poem “ Three-Way” features a three-way call about finding out if her boyfriend has been cheating on her. It’s the gold of the millennium era.

Ally Sheedy
While Ally Sheedy was in rehab for being addicted to sleeping pills, she had been writing a poem book called “Yesterday I Saw The Sun” and is actually really good. In her poem “New Jersey,” she talks about how she seems she’s stuck in a dream.

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