You’re Bad at 21 Questions Game? Here’s How You Get Better

If you have ever played the game of 21 questions with a friend, you tried your best, you didn’t succeed and decided to never play it again or you simply think you’re bad at it without even giving it a try, you’ve found the right article. I’ll help you identify what’s stopping you from being a decent 21 questions player and give you some tips to get better.

According to Blog Happens the concept of this classic social game is to ask each player a series of 21 questions and learn more about them. Whether you’re only 2 or 6 players, same rules apply. In turns, every player is being asked 21 random questions from all the other players. What many participants hate is that there’s no option to skip a question. When a question is posed, it must be answered. If not, the player can be disqualified for the rest of the game. Feel free to bend this rule and apply your own skipping-questions rule, but make sure you can not skip more than 2 questions in one game.

Wondering why could you be bad at a game with such a simple concept? Well, there are few possible reasons. First, you might be afraid that your friends will reveal a secret you’re badly trying to hide from them. Second, you might be a small introvert who’s uncomfortable when being asked too personal questions. Third and most likely, you don’t know what questions to ask and how. If you’ve recognized yourself somewhere in this paragraph, don’t worry, I’ll give you 3 great tips to step up your 21 questions game.

First of all, you must reset your mind about the 21 questions game. If you think it’s boring and a threat for your holly secrets, what’s the point of playing it? The game can only be fun if the players want it to be fun and pose questions with enthusiasm. Being a player who only fills a spot is not worthy, so it’s whether play or nay.

Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone can be fun, amusing and uncomfortably perfect. Your friends might discover your most embarrassing moments of your life, so what? You can discover theirs too and you’ll be even. Besides being there for you during tough times, that’s what friends are for: to be there to laugh the hardest when you’re walking the hall of embarrassment.

If you want to a war of words, you first need to carefully prepare your words. This means that you need to prepare some funny, easy, tough and serious questions for 21 questions game beforehand for every player. Taking your time before posing every question can make the game slow and mundane. Prepare yourself a list of questions and you have an advantage before you even start playing.