3 House Party Drinking Games without Cards You Must Try

Has your friend ever told you a good story that includes eating broccoli? Probably no, because a good story is the one that includes party drinking games. The old-fashioned house party drinking games without cards have been played for centuries, as they require nothing but some buzz and a nice group of friends. Smartphones and social media are known to bring people together, but the drinking games can do it in a much more entertaining way.

If you and your friends are bored from your usual Saturday night-outs, it is time for you to try something new, something different (except the amount of alcohol). We bring you 3 drinking games without cards that you simply must try this weekend. Turn your usual, boring nights into fun nights that will be hardly forgotten. For your drunken pleasure, here are the three must-try drinking games without cards.

Flip the Cup

Flip The Cup is one of the most popular drinking games without cards and it is because the game is simple and extremely fun. But to be the winner, this drinking game requires some skill. First of all, gather 6, 8 or 10 players, so you can split into two teams, each consisted of 3,4 or 5 players ready to get drunk and win. To start playing, you will need plastic cups, a long table and a lot of beer. Every player needs to have a cup of beer (full only one third) in front of him. In turns, two players facing each other drink their beers and then start trying to flip the empty cup from the table’s edge into a proper standing position, which could be very tricky. Once the player succeeds, the teammate next to them starts drinking and flipping the cup. The team that flips all the cups first wins.

Speed Quarters

Speed Quarters is a drinking game that involves all players, as it is a fast-paced game with no long pauses to take a drink. This must-try game is most suitable for 6 people, but it can be also played with more. All players take their sits around a circle table, with two players sitting opposite to each other having a quarter. On the center of the table, put a shallow glass. By bouncing their quarters off of the table, the players will try to put the quarters into the glass. On the count of 3, both players start bouncing the quarter. They can try as many times as needed and once they succeed, they pass the quarter on the player of their left. The game goes on until one player receives a quarter while he is trying to hit the shallow glass with another one. In that case, the player drinks the amount of beer you all have previously agreed upon and once he/she is done, you can normally continue playing the game. Speed Quarters ends only when you are out of alcohol.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a must-try drinking game, activity or drinking marathon. This game is a really simple and quick way of getting drunk, which is why it has become one of the most popular drinking games without cards among college students. To start this game, you will need at least two players, 60-minutes music and lots of alcohol of your choice. The rules could not be simpler: you and all your friends drink a cup of beer for every minute of the “power hour”. You can make the game as complicated as you want; use different drinks, use some snacks or replace the music with some 1-hour video. Sounds simple? Let’s find out if you are a true drinking champion.

Here is one interesting rule you can implement in these 3 fun drinking games without cards: If a player touches their phone during the game, then the other players are allowed to send one text message to any contact in the player’s phone. Be careful and don’t use your phone, because the consequences could be really dangerous!

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