An Introduction to 3D Printing

Traditionally, when we think of printing, we think of printing out something on a piece of paper using ink. Well, 3D printing is actually printing out physical objects. For example, you have a digital image that you can create using different animation and 3D modeling software and once done, you can connect this image with a 3D printer and it actually takes that analyses it, and it prints out in physical form layer by layer. If you think about traditional printing you have syringes with ink, while with 3D printers you can have syringes filled with all different types of liquid consistency like plastic, rubber, or even metal.

3D Printing is Revolutionary!


In fact, 3D printing is already changing the way objects have been produced. This type of printing is part of a process known as additive manufacturing where an object is created by adding material layer by layer. Thanks to 3D print machines, nowadays manufacturers can create extremely complex parts for machines, airplanes, and cars in no time.

Many factories have been using the 3D way of printing for decades, and you can print out car parts and many other pretty creative things. For example, airspace industry uses 3D way of printing, and doctors are already printing out prosthetic limbs and even organs. Fashion designers, on the other hand, can print out many useful things that can be used in a fashion show like for example, sunglasses, handbags or even shoes.

Generally speaking, back then average people couldn’t own one because 3D print machines¬†were really expensive, somewhere around half and million dollars, but now, a couple of different companies have designed more affordable versions of 3D printers so average people could have them. These days, the smaller, consumer-friendly¬†3D printing is bringing additive manufacturing to home and businesses. Differing in type, size, model, and price, these days you can choose the 3D printer of your dreams in the speed of the light. Let’s say that you have a jacket and you’ve lost a button. Instead of going from store to store trying to find a new similar button, you can download the blue print, connect it to the 3D printer and print out your brand new button.

Lots of surveys have shown that people actually love to own a 3D printer in their homes, they say that want this to be as common in people’s homes as a toaster oven. That being said, we can imagine that 10 years from now, a lot of people are going to have 3D printing in their homes.