5 Fighting Techniques Every Man Should Know (Self Defense Moves)

Every man should know how to fight in order to defend himself and his loved ones. Unfortunately, violence is a fact of life, so when someone strikes you, you need to strike right back. Thankfully, regardless of size, strength, or previous experience, anyone can learn a few simple but effective self-defense techniques. The safest fighting technique is to avoid physical confrontations, but if violence is unavoidable, in order to really defend yourself, you’ll want to know how to fight back effectively. This is possible even against someone stronger than you and without the use of any type of fighting equipment. Here are the top five most important fighting techniques that every man should know in order to stay safe.



You can bring an end to a violent confrontation much faster if you know how and where to hit the attacker. So, before the attacker has obtained full control of you, you must do everything you can to cause injury and defend yourself. You need to aim for those body parts where you can do the most damage. The best striking targets include the nose, eyes, neck, ears, groin, and knee. Hitting one of these targets with enough power and strength may give you enough time to get away from the attacker.

The eyes: Poking, gouging or scratching the attacker’s eyes with your knuckles or fingers will cause a lot of pain and will let the attacker disoriented, allowing you to run away.

The nose: Strike hard your attacker’s nose using the palm of your hand, aiming for the nasal bones. Throw the whole weight of your body to cause a lot of pain and force the attacker to lose his grip on you. If the attacker is behind you, strike his nose with your elbows.

The ears: The ears are also some of the weakest points of our bodies, so if you have the opportunity, hit your attacker right in the ear. Force him to bend his head to the side and then punch him hard with the other hand.



Some of the best kicks for self-defense can be delivered below the belt (the groin). The groin area is the weakest point on men, so if you have the opportunity, kick your attacker between the legs hard and run. The knees are also a good target for kicking. Use the bottom of your foot to deliver a stomping kick to the outside of the attacker’s knee joint. This will slow the attacker down and increase your chances of running.

Wrist Hold

wrist hold

The attacker might grab you by the wrist, so you need to know how to break free. First, find the weak point of the grab which is usually between the thumb and the other four fingers. Rotate your arm in order to be with the narrow part of your arm at the weak point and then push your hand in that direction.

Front and Back Choke

front and back choke

When the attacker grabs you by the neck, the first instinct is to grab his arms and try to remove them from your neck. However, the attacker’s arms are strongly positioned in place, so you probably won’t be able to do this. One thing you could do is to put one hand on his esophagus (the throat area) and push really hard with your fingers. As you’re extending your arm, try to free your neck from the hold.

Bear Hug

bear hug

If the attacker comes at you from behind and grabs your entire body and arms into a tight grip, you can stomp his feet or use your elbows to hit him in the head. However, if these two techniques don’t work, pull his fingers towards the back of his hand to force him to release you and attack the attacker with your knees.