7 Fascinating Things Your Tattoos Tell About You

So you have a tattoo and you like to flaunt it. Do you wonder what people think when they see this beautiful body art? Read on to learn 7 most common thoughts that cross minds of the people when they notice you are inked:

You are not afraid to make commitments

Tattoos are for life, just like diamonds. Once the ink spreads under your skin, it is going to stay there for the rest of your life. You can add to it anything but never remove it. Of course, it shows that you do not shy away from making commitments. Once your heart goes out to something or someone, it holds on to it.

You have a story to tell

Cool tattoos for girls are not frivolous; they have a meaning to them. Every tattoo of yours has an inspiration. It could be a childhood memory or a lifelong commitment to a cause. Those who view your tattoo know how your character has depth, how you are sensitive, and how there are things you care about. It may sound unfair, but people do form ideas about you when they spot your tattoos. If you have quotes, it generally means you like to read, if it is an animal tattoo, then it is either of your pet or an endangered animal.

You treasure art

There is no denying that tattoo is an art. The beautiful tribal tattoo designs, the watercolor tattoos, cute tattoos for girls, 3-D tattoo art are no child’s play. A tattooist has to be well trained to carry out inking such girl tattoo designs.

Undoubtedly, only a girl, who likes art, would go for such tasteful tattoo designs. Colors too reveal some aspects of your personality. Although there are exceptions, you cannot stop people from believing what comes first to their mind. So girls with black color tattoos are seen as thoughtful divas; they may also like a mystery. Alternatively, girls with bright colored tattoos are thought to be feisty and they live life to the fullest.

You do not fear pain

Even the sight of the tattoo needle makes many people run for cover. Hence, when someone catches a glimpse of your tattoo, he knows you are a tough cookie. It also shows your ability to bear hardships. After all, a girl who willfully chooses to get a tattoo has to be someone, who is ready to face challenges. If your tattoo is complex, it leaves even a better impression, as complex tattoos are always more painful.

You are a risk taker

Girls with tattoos are also experimental, that is what many people feel and it could be true as well. Just remember the first time you decided to have a tattoo. Certainly, you did not know what it would feel like. You knew it would be painful, but you never knew how much painful it would be. Hence, it was an experiment or even a risk that you took, and then you liked the experience. It shows that you do not let your fears overpower you.

You do not care what people think about you

Having a tattoo is a big decision. You agree to have something etched permanently on your skin. You know your tattoo would be getting all kinds of comments, but you are bothered in the least. It means you do not mind looking different and putting your preferences ahead of others. It is a sign of boldness and many people do think that you are a bold girl when they spot your girl tattoo designs.

You know the best tattoo parlor in town

Well, your cool tattoos for girls attract many appreciative gazes and people, who love tattoos, get curious. They would want to visit the same tattoo parlor and get similar cool tattoos. They may also turn to you for advice on getting a tattoo done safely. Hence, memorize the name of your tattoo parlor and be ready to spread knowledge about safe tattooing.