A Brief Guide To Chemical and Flammable Storage Cabinets

Fires are dangerous, unpredictable and have taken many lives. If an emergency ever breaks out it’s vital to ensure that you have enough time to make an emergency exit. Any flammable liquids or gasses around your workplace or home should be stored away in a cool, safe place. A flammable storage cabinets is designed to store flammable liquids and gasses in a safely away to help reduce the risks of starting an accidental fire and ensuring they’re kept away if a fire does occur giving you time to make an exit.

The most common chemical and flammable storage cabinets are red and yellow cabinets:

The red cabinet is used for flammable paints, inks, and class 3 combustibles, the yellow cabinet is used for aerosols, gasoline, and flammable liquids. So what makes these industrial storage cabinets safe, they have been remarkably designed to withstand fire for anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour so it’s pretty important to understand all the components that make up these flammable and chemical storage cabinets.

Most cabinets are made up of 18 gauge double wall steel that have air space for fire resistance, fully welded constructions that hold shape for longer, the doors have rounded corners to reduce accidents, the shelves are sloped in case of accidental leaks, a liquid tight sump that contains accidental leaks, welded shelf hangers that interlock for safety, vents with built-in flame resistance and adjustable leveling for uneven surfaces. Some models come with a lock and key style opening to ensure that no one opens the cabinet without your knowledge, and some models are self-closing. The self-closing feature is designed to close automatically if a fire gets too close. The doors are held open by a fusible link if the link exceeds temperatures of 74 degrees the link will melt and the doors will close automatically to protect the contents contained within. All of the designed flammable cabinets will always be marked by highly reflective warning labels such as ‘Flammable – keep the fire away’, to warn passers-by of the flammable contents within.

Of course, these cabinets were not only designed to hold flammable gasses and liquids they were also designed to hold any hazardous chemicals as well. There are a few things you should consider when selecting a safety cabinet. It is important to be able to identify and recognize any and all chemicals that will be stored and to know the recommended storage practices. It is highly important you separate incompatible chemicals to avoid toxic explosions or accidental fires. It is also important to know which chemicals may damage the safety cabinet. Any persons dealing with hazardous chemicals is recommended to undertake such training to enrich their knowledge of said chemicals.

When installing any chemical or flammable storage cabinets make sure you are familiar with the law in your state!

Some countries and states have strict rules regarding the installation of safety cabinets. Safety cabinets come with a variety of door options, single or two door styles and also manual or self-closing. The self-closing variety takes away the room for any human error, like forgetting to close the door. That’s why this is the most popular and the mandatory in most places. Also, self-closing mechanisms concealed within the door are also popular choices. You should always check local regulations and laws when installing flammable cabinets in your workplace or home.

The capacity of how many flammables you need to store should be taken into consideration. No flammable substance should ever be left under a sink or in a cabinet where an accident could happen. When taking into consideration what cabinets to purchase you need to calculate how many flammables you need to store and how many flammable liquids you can store together in one place according to the law. Most places and states have rules and regulations regarding how many class 1, class 2 and class 3 gasses can be stored together in a cabinet. For safety reasons, you should check the standards in your area and store your liquids and gasses accordingly.

To help protect the people around you in your workplace and home investing in flammable safety cabinets could eventually save their lives by reducing the risks of accidental fires, or giving everyone enough time to swiftly make and exit. New and used flammable cabinets are available to purchase online, or you can check in your local area. Installing a cabinet should be left to a professional.