Elevate Your Knowledge about Access Lift Equipment

Transporting items and objects through a warehouse is simple enough when most of the items are stored on the ground but if your warehouse stores items on shelving units or multiple open floors you’re going to need some specialized equipment that gives you access. The equipment used for these kinds of warehouses is called access lift equipment which consists of boom lifts, low-level access lifts, scissor lifts, specialist platforms and attachments. They vary in size since the height of different tasks varies, with specialist platforms being the largest, while accessories and attachments are the smallest and easiest to install and use.

access lift equipment

Attachements for forklifts are the simplest way for low-level access to shelves and other floors and this is done by adding a platform to the forks of the forklift. With many different units being available on the market this is also the most cost-effective method of lifting items consistently. If that’s not tall enough you can use a scissor lift which is a dedicated platform which moves vertically on a scissor mechanism to give users access up to 12 meters. Scissor lifts offer the greatest stability of an industrial lift. Scissor lifts come in two types, indoor and outdoor lifts that can be gas or diesel powered with tire tread being based on where you’ll be using it, indoor lifts being smooth tires and outdoor lifts having treaded tires.

All access lift equipment after the scissor lift requires a lot more space which makes them impractical for warehouse use. Their large size makes them perfect for construction and maintenance of larger structures, namely they are only applicable in large outdoor environments unless you integrate them into the building but that would be whole other category entirely. However, they are also useful when it comes time to transport larger items to the warehouse where a truck cannot be used. However, there are limits to the capabilities of these machines not all of them can handle extremely heavy loads.

As for the extra parts and attachments for these machines, there is a large variety and there are some standalone access lift equipment such as a ladder, harnesses, ramps and platforms which can be set within the warehouse to allow for more accessibility of every area be it on the ground floor or on the top of the shelving unit. And by allowing for easier access of hard to reach areas in the warehouse you’re contributing to worker safety since they won’t have to find ways to get to the top.