Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Review – A Complete Guide

In a world where most of our work is digitalized, it can be quite hard to find the right tool for the job. That’s where Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comes handy into play.

This Adobe Content Management System (CMS) offers a lot of features that prove quite useful for someone in this field of work, ranging from the basic features needed for sorting and organizing your files, to security settings, permissions, and watermarks, giving you a giant range of flexible use for this program.

Adobe Experience Manager’s Benefits:

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Adobe Web Experience Manager allows a quick and easy access to your photos, videos or other type of files, sorting capabilities as well as the option for entering metadata and keyword tags, allowing for swift localization of desired parts of a text or a whole file, with the added benefit of reviewing and editing all of the contents as well as making another option possible – adding comments to assets.

The web experience management system also supports a wide array of image formats such as TIFF, BMP, and JPG, audio files such as MP3, WAV, AAC and video files such as MP4, 3GP, SWF, and a lot more, proving this tools versatility.

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The Adobe CQ5 content management system also comes with social sharing capabilities, allowing you to easily share images, videos and any form of assets directly from the program and onto social media like Facebook or a personal website, as well as access to your files from a smartphone or tablet.

Overall, Adobe Experience Manager proves to be a solid digital asset management tool, providing numerous features and tools to help you navigate and manage valuable content. That coupled with the amazing innate sharing capabilities of the program and security tools for additional safety speaks louder than words for the application.

Other than some flaws in the products customer support department and easy access to key information about the program, the Adobe web content management system is a powerhouse tool providing all the necessary tools and features needed for organizing,maintaining, managing and providing a top-notch security access for a company or an independent worker, ranking fairly high in today’s market and swiftly establishing itself as a key tool that with minor tweaks and improvements could soon become an essential tool when it comes to the field of digital asset management.

Adobe Experience Manager Explained