Things You Can Do to Alleviate Arthritis Symptoms for More Independence

Inflammation occurs during the body’s healing process as a way to fight off bacteria and viruses or as a reaction to an injury. When inflammation occurs for no apparent reason this may be a warning sign of the development of the autoimmune disease arthritis. This is a painful condition that affects the joints and often causes stiffness, fatigue and swelling.

Symptoms may vary from one person to the other, from mild pain within the joints to severe stiffness and reduced range of motion. The condition may progress over time and lead to chronic pain, which in turn can prevent you from doing simple daily activities like walking or climbing stairs. In addition to pain in the joints, some people may also have difficulty breathing, lose weight or get a rash. Since doing everyday tasks becomes a challenge, living with arthritis certainly isn’t easy, however not all is as gloomy as it might seem at a first glance. There are many things you can do alleviate your symptoms, regain your independence and lead a normal life.

Doing everyday activities can be easier and less painful with the use of arthritis aids, that are designed to give you a sense of independence. There are various types of arthritis aids that have different features and uses. For your hygiene tasks and daily chores, there are special self-care aids that can help you move with ease and do activities like bathing, going to the bathroom and getting dressed by yourself. Bath brushes and raised toilet seats are the most commonly used aids, but you can also find other types of self-care equipment that would best suit your needs. When walking becomes difficult due to joint pain the use of independent living aids becomes a necessity. This type of arthritis aids include devices such as walking canes, mobility scooters and power wheelchairs designed to enhance mobility and make everyday chores easier.

Learning how to manage pain is very important and for this, you need to do exercises that will keep your joints active. Doing exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the joints. The stronger the muscles the less joint pain you will feel. Swimming can be an effective form of exercises since the water provides great support for the joints, which in turn can help you move with ease. In addition to having an effective workout plan, you would also have to change your eating habits. Gaining weight can put more stain on your joints and worsen your condition, therefore it’s important to remove fatty foods from your daily diet, while at the same time add plenty of vegetables, fruits and fiber.