B Magic VS E Ness: The Bunker [REVIEW]

I was really looking forward to seeing B Magic VS E Ness, alongside Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva‘s battle. That was the most anticipated battle for me at The Bunker. B Magic is my friend’s favorite battle rapper and I am not that amazed by him, so I was secretly rooting for E Ness, I mean, the hypeman from Grizzlemania was with him, too, come on!

B Magic VS E Ness

Round 1:

E Ness started like crazy. Back to back punchlines, crazy as ever! That “chain of command” angle was ubeliavable! His stage presence man, the hand’s movement, that’s what B Magic doesn’t have. B Magic started crazy, too. That classic MF flow! He is good, but the greatness is in the crowd control. He doesn’t wait for the reactions and moves forward like nothing. He ended the round pretty weak. Can’t say who won this round.

Round 2:

Ness’s second round was much better than the first one, even B Magic’s reaction shows that. But, his hypemen was reciting his rhymes and that’s not good, man. Battle rappers don’t need any adlibs. Now, when B Magic stumbled I was shocked, but he came back. Even the crowd supported him and that’s not a regular thing to see. I think the third round is the one that’s gonna decide who the champ is.

Round 3:

E Ness went off. Those rhyme schemes are ridiculous! I respect B Magic for not hiding his emotions and giving the respect where respect is due. His face reaction when E Ness was rapping says it all. He even smiled, man! When E Ness was imitating B Magic, that’s when I knew he was winning.┬áB Magic’s angle about “E Ness being in a group with Dylan” was funny as hell. I don’t know if it’s really only me, but his third round was really short.


Like I said, I gave the first two rounds to nobody, because both of them were nice. But, the third round was the one that helped me make the decision and I give it to E Ness, only because he was more consistent and because he had longer rounds filled with fire.