Creating a Dreamy Bedroom with the Art of Wallpaper & Chic Furnishings

As the place where we retreat to rest our mind and body and travel to the magical land of dreams, the bedroom is one of the most important areas in one home in terms of both design and ambience. It should reflect a relaxing atmosphere and appear cosy yet chic at the same time. I’ve always wanted a large bedroom with picture windows and a vibrant colour pallet. In my family house I had to share a bedroom with my sister and that was a complete nightmare to say the least because as much as I love her I couldn’t help but argue with here every time she would change something in the room. This was a problem mainly because we have two completely opposite styles, she adores everything to be in white and grey, while I’m all about crazy and vivid colours.


As a collage student I shared an apartment with my three friends and my best friend Mary and I shared one room. Lucky, she has a very similar style to mine in terms of interior design, so we didn’t have a problem creating a stylish bedroom for the two of us. When I got my first job I moved into a studio apartment where the living room was pretty small, so I don’t really have to elaborate on the size of my bedroom. So, when my boyfriend and I decided to move in together I was determined to finally find a home with a spacious bedroom and turn it into my dreamland paradise. After looking at various properties we found the ideal house in New South Wales with a lovely backyard and a bedroom big enough for me to finally put to test my creative design skills.

The furnishings were easy to pick out because I already had in mind what I wanted. A king sized bed with black bed frame along with a mirrored wardrobe and wooden bedside tables created the main layout of the room. I also got chic lamps in light blue and chic patterned bedding. The dilemma came when it was time to decide what to do with the walls. I didn’t want a colour pallet that would overwhelm the room, but I also wanted something that would reflect my love of unique patterns and chic colours. The art of wallpaper is a great way to add dimension to the space and make the walls look cool and stylish. So, I started my search for stylish wallpaper. When it comes to unique types of wallpaper Central Coast New South Wales shops have a lot to offer and I really had a hard time deciding what would work best in the bedroom.

I asked my boyfriend to help me choose a pattern that we would both like. After looking at the different types of chic wallpaper Central Coast New South Wales shops have on offer, we decided to get a textured wallpaper in a lovely tree pattern. Since, the colour of the walls in the bedroom is beige, we went for a beige pattern that would complement the soft colour pallet. With the walls looking all cool and elegant at the same time and all the furniture pieces wonderfully arranged I could now enjoy in romantic moments with my loved one in our dream bedroom.