Beginners Guide on How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

So fellow housewives, let’s discuss kitchen sinks. If you are anything like me, a person that lives for flawlessly cleaned and ordered kitchen that screams high-class crib, than the kitchen sink matters to you. A lot. I recently renovated my kitchen, trying to give it a fresh new look by adding some lively colours into the design, when I came to the point of replacing the kitchen sink. I got a little confused when browsing the wide offer of kitchen sinks, which by the way includes a stunningly large number of designs! After some quality time spent on exploring and combining different types and designs, I comprised your ultimate guide to buying a kitchen sink, so you don’t go through all the unnecessary fuss.


Generally, there are 3 main factors you need to consider when you buy a kitchen sink:

  1. Your countertop, or more precisely, how will your kitchen sink be installed in it;
  2. The size and configuration of the sink;
  3. The material the sink is made of.

According to how will the kitchen sink be installed in the countertop, there are 3 designs of kitchen sinks:

  1. A self rimming, or drop-in sink – these sinks are the easiest and simplest to install in your kitchen. They are simply placed in a cutout in the countertop and are supported by the flanges of the sink. The bad thing about these sinks is that a barrier is created between the sink and the countertop, so when you try to sweep food or liquids into it, they get stuck on the edge and form debris and moisture.
  2. An undermount sink – an undermount sink is attached under the sink. It either hangs from the underside of the countertop or it is supported from underneath the cabinet by its base structure. From a cleaning point of view, this sink allows you what the drop-in sink doesn’t ; to easily sweep food and liquids in it, so the countertop is always easily cleaned.
  3. Flush mount sink – or, also known as “tile edge” sink. These are very similar to the drop-in sinks, with the difference that they are used with a tiled countertop. Here you would also experience a grout line between the edge of the sink and the tile.


The second important thing to consider is the size and configuration of the sink. Configuration of sink, refers to how many bowls will your kitchen sink have. In relation to the size of the sink, I would advise you to consider the size of your kitchen first: if you have a large and spacious kitchen, especially with a lot of free space in the sink area, go for a large sink with two or three bowls, and if your kitchen is small, consider installing a smaller sink with a single bowl.

Thirdly, the material the sink is made of. A variety of materials are used to manufacture quality kitchen sinks. Consider whether you hand-wash your dishes, or you use the dishwasher more often. Also, take into consideration whether you are prone to dropping dishes into the sink.

  • Stainless steel – these sinks have a neutral, clean look, and are very durable. You can find them in brushed or polished finish. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are more forgiving when dishes and glassware are dropped in it.
  • Cast iron – finished with porcelain enamel, cast iron sinks have a strong reputation of being durable. Because they are quite heavy, they make undermount installations more difficult than drop-ins. They also make a sink look very glossy, so if it fits your kitchen, definitely go for it.
  • Fireclay – fire clay is a form of ceramic that resembles much like vitreous china, but is heated at higher temperatures in order to achieve durability. Sinks can be either glossy or with a matte finish.
  • Acrylic – their surface is so easy to clean! It’s resistant to stains, so you can literally clean it with just water. Acrylic is a form of plastic that in the case of sinks, is usually reinforced with fiberglass.

All in all, these are the general guidelines on buying a kitchen sink. Additionally, consider your own preferences, and your kitchen’s requirements, as you may need some customization of the sink. Also, for achieving the maximum stylish look of your kitchen sink area, choose your faucet and other accessories in advance.