Behind the Audi Logo: What Do The Popular Four Rings Symbolize?

Are you one of the many car enthusiasts who wonder what do Audi’s four rings symbolize? It is commonly believed to be intriguing, but disappointingly, the Audi car logo meaning is utterly simple. Founded in 1909 as an independent German car maker, Audi has built reputation on durable, reliable and quality cars, but on its iconic Audi logo as well. During that time, the company used an upside-down triangle with the number 1 on top as their symbol, but it didn’t last long.

August Horch, who previously established another company named A. Horch & Cie, is the founder of Audi. Following tough financial problems with his first company, August Horch was forced to establish a new company. However, he couldn’t use his old company name because of trademark issues with his previous partners. To create a new name for his new company, Horch translated his previous company name to Latin and came up with “Audi”. The great success in the early 20th century has made August Horch a pioneer of the German car industry.

In 1932, the company merged with three other companies and the original Audi logo was finally changed. The new Audi symbol now featured 4 interlocking circles, containing the respective logos of the merged companies: Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW. Years later, the Audi logo was stylized and became more fashionable, more suitable and simpler. The logo got rid of the individual logos of the merged companies, leaving nothing but the four silver rings. Sleek, three dimensional, silver and elegant, the four circles symbolize sophistication, power and excellence. Simple and easily recognizable, Audi symbol has quickly found its place among the world’s most popular car logos.

Headquartered in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, but with 9 production facilities all over the world, Audi is among the top 5 car makers in the world in all terms. The four-circles logo today can be seen on the most technologically equipped, most elegant, fastest and simply best sports cars. The latest update of the Audi logo has been in 2009 for the company’s 100th birthday. The design has been refined, the font changed and the rings made more elegant. The Audi symbol has undergone several changes, but major changes were never made, except to the original logo from 1932.

According the automotive world and Audi lovers, the current logo of Audi is the best. The sleek silver color says a lot about Audi car models: sophisticated, ultra-modern, technically advanced and lightweight. The logo is also available with red letters of brand’s name below the rings, but it’s not featured on cars. Attractive and symbolic as it is, the Audi symbol suits the brand perfectly. Regardless of whether people recognize the Audi logo because of its simplicity or elegant design, the famous German car manufacturer is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world.