Finding the Best Skateboard Trucks: Two Things to Consider

Being an everyday skater, doing those super awesome tricks will break or wear down your wheels, and especially the skateboard trucks. These parts are generally the most damaged, and we know that changing them should be done with the greatest care. There are a lot of retailers that offer different sizes and brands, however, to do the best tricks you will need to find the best skateboard trucks the market has to offer. Bellow, we will go in-depth on how to find the best skateboard trucks in Australia.

In essence, each skateboard has two trucks, where each one of them holds two wheels. The ideal one should be long-lasting, durable and powerful enough to withstand a lot of abuse especially when you are doing tricks or heavy grind. So, to find the best ones you will need to consider two things.

  • Consider which Kingpin

This is the place where it holds the truck and skateboard together. It is made from a thick bolt, axle and bushings which are connected with a baseplate connector that holds the truck together. Usually, a few screws are used to connect them together, while the bushings are connected as tight as possible to protect the metal from impact with the ground. If you wish to adjust the resistance, especially when you want stiffer turns you can screw the kingpin tighter, or if you want to have more flexible experience then they to go is with the unscrewed kingpin.


The installation process of the kingpin is done by fastening the head to the hanger while it is faced down. The part that helps you do nearly all the tricks on your skateboard is called the hanger. Nearly all skaters, including me, want to have a high kingpin truck which means we prefer to have a kingpin that is situated flush with the rest of the parts of the hanger. However, if you want to have a lower kingpin truck, you should leave a gap on the surface and then you will gain more leverage when popping ollies. Hence, the popularity between Australian skateboarders.

  • Consider Bushings

Bushings are very crucial part of the skateboard because it is responsible on how will the board react because they offer the best support between all the pieces on a truck while you are making tricks. If you run your skateboard around town, then you will need softer bushings because it offers more responsive times between turns hence making your cruise more enjoyable. One benefit that is overlooked by a lot of people is the resistance they offer to the rider, which is crucial for having a safe and fun ride.