How I Chose the Best Wheels to Upgrade My Childhood Skateboard

I remember the first time I went for a ride with my skateboard, like it was yesterday. I was 7 years old and my dad had bought me and my big brother matching skateboards and we couldn’t be more excited about our cool gifts. We immediately went for a ride around the neighbourhood and I remember I had so much fun gliding down the street on my yellow skateboard. I have to admit at first I was really bad at skateboarding and I would often fall trying to do some fun trick, but nothing could discourage me from mastering the technique of this fun and exciting sport. My father was a skater in his youth and he was the one that introduced me to the thrilling world of skateboarding. One of my fondest childhood memories are of my father teaching me how to do tricks.

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In a search for the best skateboard wheels…

One day I came home really disappointed, because the kids were teasing me that I don’t know how to skate and I would never become a great skater. So, my father took me outside and showed me a cool jumping trick and asked me to try to do it. I failed the first time and he told me to try again, but this time to focus on my balance not the speed. After a few tries, I nailed the trick and I couldn’t be happier. Since that moment on I dedicate a large portion of my free time to learning new tricks and even inventing my own. Now that I’m in my twenties I have tried many different skateboards, but the one that my dad bought me definitely has a special place in my collection.

A few weeks ago, when going through my skateboard collection I noticed that the wheel bearings on my favourite skateboard were starting to get loose and when I tried to ride it one of the wheels broke down. I hadn’t used my childhood skateboard for quite some time and I didn’t know that the wheels were in such bad condition. So, I figured it’s time to upgrade it with the best skateboard wheels and hit the street just like in those wonderful childhood days. I wanted something that is durable, provides a lot of balance and is easy to install. I went online and searched the stores for the best skateboard wheels.

After comparing different models and reading review I decided to get cool yellow wheels to match the vibrant colour of my skateboard. I purchased ones covered in special soft urethane that is designed to make the wheel suitable for even the roughest of terrains. Due to their practical and modern design, the skateboard wheels provide quick and smooth ride with enhance stability on the road. I also got durable stainless steel bearings designed to deliver optimum durability and performance. When my new wheels and bearings arrived it was time to adjust them on the skateboard. I removed the old wheels using my adjustable wrench, while for the lose bearings I used a special bearing puller that I borrowed from my friend. With a little pressure I installed the new bearings and then adjusted my vibrant yellow wheels. With my skateboard upgraded with new wheels and bearing I was ready to hit the road and do my tricks in style.