Bodybuilding Supplements Guide

Let’s be straightforward, healthy, balanced diet and proper hydration are the two most important factors that come into play when it comes to achieving the desired results from any type of physical exercise. However, in cases of rigorous exercising regime such as bodybuilding, your body needs more nutrients than your diet can provide you.

If you are a newbie in bodybuilding, what you need to know is that there is a range of bodybuilding supplements you can use to cover the nutrient gaps in your body as well as to improve your strength and performance.

Simply put, bodybuilding supplements complement your diet and fuel your body with the essential nutrients you need to achieve your goals faster and on a more efficient manner. To begin with bodybuilding supplementation, the five basic supplements you should familiarize with include:



Proteins are with no doubt the main nutrients you need to pay attention to when following certain bodybuilding program. Proteins serve as an energy source for your muscles during your workout. More than that, proteins help your muscle mass recover and rebuild faster after an intensive workout. Protein supplements help you provide proper amount of these essential nutrients. They can be of great help for you, especially if you don’t intake enough proteins though foods of animal origin such as meat, dairy and eggs.


Fish Oil

The essential nutrient in the fish oil are the omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids are of vital importance for the functioning of our body, but unlike other acids, our body is not capable to produce it. For this reason, nutritionists recommend taking in these essential nutrients through diet or supplements. The benefits of fish oil, as one of the vital bodybuilding supplements include: improved heart and lung function; improved strength; reduces muscle tension, soreness and damage; enhanced protein synthesis; improved brain function, and so on.



When you are physically active, free radicals are released in your body. The concentration of free radicals is likely to lead to increasing the acidity in your body. Creatine is a protein supplement that doesn’t only provide your body with high-quality proteins but helps in neutralizing the acidity of your body as well.


Branched Chain Amino Acids

The so called group of branched chain amino acids or also known as BCAAS, includes three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These bodybuilding supplements may help you to: encourage muscle growth; increase energy; improve overall body strength; aid protein synthesis; and reduce total muscle breakdown and help faster muscle recovery.



Glutamine is in fact an essential amino acid that is contained in proteins. Glutamine has an important role in aiding the immune system, improving muscle growth and recovery, improving digestion and for overall body wellbeing.