Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva: The Bunker [REVIEW]

Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva is such an unusual battle.¬†Picture this: Carter Deems looking dapper AF while Bonnie Godiva is looking bangin’. She was so fine, Deems couldn’t even look at her eyes.

Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva

Round 1:

Carter Deems’s angle was all about romance and comedy. He gave Bonnie flowers and all, what a gentleman! I mean, After Godiva’s last battle and Charron’s d*ck check, what do you expect? Nothing but sweet words and lovely promises. After all of that, he ended the round with “I’ll be your new Math like Common Core”. That’s when the crowd flipped. What a crazy reaction! Bonnie Godiva’s first round was pretty basic. She started with fire: “So last battle Charron wasn’t as hard as I thought” and pretty much that was it. Nothing special. I give the first round to Carter Deems.

Round 2:

Carter’s round was basic just as Bonnie’s first round. He lost the round without even hearing Bonnie. Now, Bonnie takes off her jacket, her cleavage is out and lets her ponytail loose. So much sexual tension! Oh my God! I wonder if she’s getting naked by the end of the third round haha. In the meantime, Carter is getting all red and embarrassed. That “what you’re doing later, Carter” angle was fire, though! I give this round to Bonnie without a doubt.

Round 3:

Carter’s started the third with a rebuttal and it was all nice, but when he asked if he can pin a rose to her shirt… the crowd went ballistic. Definitely a solid round. Bonnie’s angle about the Asians was fire, but she embarrassed herself with those cat bars.


I really wanna give this 2:1 to Carter Deems, but it’s pretty much debatable, so I’ll leave it like that. Very interesting battle, though.

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