Circle Of Death Rules: Become a True Drinking Games Gladiator

The Circle of Death is a drinking game that has been around parties for a while. It’s fairly simple to play and all you need to know are the Circle of Death rules. So, all the equipment you need, you probably have it around your home or you have it somewhere in your dorm room. A deck of card and a large cup is all that is needed. Plus, cups for all of the players.

The biggest cup is placed in the middle, while the 52 cards are spread around it. Remember that the cards have to be facing down. All the players will take turns drawing a card. When a card is drawn they have to do something specific.


Circle Of Death Rules & Card Meanings

  • By drawing an Ace you get to make a specific rule, anyone that disobeys that rule, drinks from their cup.
  • Two – you, you get to pick who drinks, as the game has certain rhymes that represent the rules for the specific card.
  • Three – me, you pulled it, you drink it.
  • Four – whores, all of the girls drink up.
  • Five – jive, the person that picked a five does a dance move, the next person mimics them and adds another action, repeat until someone makes a mistake. You guessed it! He who made the mistake, drinks.
  • Six – dicks, all of the guys drink up.
  • Seven – heaven, you have to reach for the skies as soon as it’s drawn, the last one to do it, drinks.
  • Eight – mate, you choose a buddy that will drink with every time you do and vice versa until another eight is drawn. As it goes by the Circle of Death rules.
  • Nine – bust a rhyme, the one that picked the card says a word, the next person rhymes that word and so on. The person that takes too much time to rhyme, drinks.
  • Ten – categories, sadly, this one doesn’t rhyme, but it’s fun, none the less. Pick a category and everyone says a thing from it. When someone can’t think of anything that would fit in that category, they drink.
  • Jack – back, the last one that had a drink, drinks again.
  • Queens – questions, ask a question, but it should definitely be something very stupid. If the person that is asked laughs, he drinks.
  • King – those that had drawn the first three kings, pour some of their drinks in the large cup in the middle. When someone draws the final one, he drinks from that cup, and he better chug it down with the speed of light.