Best Methods for Cleaning Streetwear Hats

One of the most popular and handy accessories that have always been a part of streetwear are hats. In fact, they are the most important accessory in streetwear as they allow you to make your style even more personal. Depending on your outfit you can choose streetwear hats in the colour, texture and style that will best meet your outfit. No matter on how fancy your clothes or shoes are, streetwear hats are remaining one of the most noticeable accessories in your daily outfit.

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Generally speaking, the most popular types of streetwear hats these days are camp, fitted caps, 6 panels, dad hats or snapback hats, and since all of them are quite popular and can be worn every day, we have decided to present you the best methods to clean your streetwear style hats.

General Hat-Washing Tips

  • The general rule is not to put a streetwear hat into the laundry as the washer can squish and ruin the hats form, as well as the hot water and spin cycle. However, today’s modern washers offer a hand wash program that won’t wrinkle nor ruin the hat’s form. To make sure that your hat will come out of the washer in the perfect condition, you can use a special hat washer and wash the hat at a lower temperature.

  • When it comes to the cleaning products, do not use ones that contain bleach as that way you can keep the hat’s colours nice and bright for a long period of time.

  • Do not throw your hat in a dishwasher as usually dishwashers work on high temperatures and use bleach containing products that can damage the hat.

  • According to lots of studies, hand-washing is the best method to retain both the color and the hat’s shape.

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The best way to wash your hat is by hand. All you will need is a container with warm water, liquid detergent, shaker ball and of course your dirty hat. Put the hat into the water, close the container with a lid, shake it up really well, open the container and drain the water. Now, add more water, close the container, shake and repeat till the water is crystal clear. Once done, place your hat on a balloon and let it air dry.

The other method is to rinse the hat, place a liquid detergent or some special cleaning product and scrub the dirty places with a toothbrush. Rinse and let the cap air dry on a balloon or on a pan. The last step of the cleaning procedure is important in order your hat not to lose its shape.

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