Cleaning Supplies Every Household Should Have

A beautiful home can appear even more attractive when it is clean. And aside of giving you confidence to invite guests to visit, keeping you house clean is also important for sanitary reasons.

While household cleaning is a chore that not everyone enjoys doing, but fortunately there is a wide range of cleaning supplies that make cleaning much easier and efficient. Here are some cleaning supplies that you should have in your inventory of cleaning products.

1. Rubber gloves

The main must-have cleaning supply is a pair of rubber gloves. And that is for some obvious reasons. Without protective gloves the skin of your hand can get irritated or harmed with the harsh and caustic cleaning chemicals. Hot water and rubbing are couple of more reasons for you to add a pair of rubber gloves in your cleaning supply list. In addition to protection, robber gloves will also avoid you getting in contact with germs present on dirty surfaces.

2. Toilet bowl brush

Toilet bowl brushes come in a wide range of styles and shapes. There are some models that even have a decorative holder that can enhance the look of your bathroom while providing a convenient place to store the brush. Choose a toilet bowl brush that has stiff bristles to avoid scratches in the porcelain surface.

3. Sponges with scrubbing pads

Sometimes only a cloth or sponge won’t be enough to clean a dirty surface – specially when there is something stuck that the wiping did not remove. A sponge with a scrubbing pad attached, is a great tool that you rely to remove the stuck substance without having to use you fingernail to scrape it away.

4. Dusting wand and clots.

Dusting cloths are great cleaning supplies for dusting and applying a spray furniture wax all at once, as they allow the furniture to be polished to a bright sheen. But for just dusting, you can use a dusting wand. Dusting wands comes in different styles and there are some models that comes with disposable rags, which allow you to just replace the dirty rag for a clean one whenever necessary.

5. Mops

Cleaning mop is an essential cleaning supply to keep the floor of your home clean. Available in a wide selection of models, each type is designed for specific types of floor. To make your cleaning floor shores more efficient find out which mop is best for the type of floor you have in your home.

All these cleaning supplies can be purchased at grocery stores, and home supply stores. They are also available in online specialized retailers.