The Coolest Pieces of Jewellery for Men

Things have changed a lot in this world so seeing a man wearing a jewellery is not strange at all. We leave in a world where the fashion industry takes a great part of our living and the men’s jewellery industry became quite big. Most of the men today are scratching on the lasted trends in fashion and try to wear them successfully. As women wear a jewellery to improve and complement their outfit, men also want to accessories and add an additional element to their outfits, with one main difference: they do this in a much more minimal and subtle way. So here are some pieces of jewellery that any man should own.


Let’s start with the most basic one – a watch. They are one of the most common accessories among bot, men and women. They are practical while giving you a sense of sophistication. No, you do not need to spend a small fortune for a watch made from the world-known brand but take your time to consider what you want to wear on your wrist depending on your style and outfit. You can buy one more expensive watch in minimal design that will go well with most of your outfits or you can buy a few different, less expensive watches so you can change them depending on your clothing.


Bracelets can make a huge difference in the complete appearance of your outfit. The right choice bracelet can definitely add some extra dimension to a men’s overall appearance. This street wear jewellery goes on your wrist so if you want to be sure you are wearing the right piece make sure you buy one with the colour that will match your watch. Even if you do not wear them at the same arm, the rule still counts and make sure you follow it. Silver an gold pieces look great but they are bit harder to match, so if you are not sure you can handle this go for something simple.


Necklaces are not just a jewellery for girls. One with a chain style and longer in length is totally a men piece. If you want to wear a necklace make sure you choose a minimal one. Silver is always a good choice. If you want to style your necklace pair it with a plain T-shirt. This way you will add another dimension to your overall appearance. Men’s necklaces can be found in various lengths and thicknesses so choosing the one to complement the style is easy.


Believe it or not, rings are one of the most favourite pieces of jewellery among men and many world-known brands focus on their design and production. The best choice of ring for you completely depends on your personal style. Some men like to wear more rings on their hands while others want to keep it simple and clean. If you do not have experience with rings, our suggestion is to wear one per hand. When it comes to colours, follow the same rule as the bracelets. Make sure this piece of street wear jewellery match the colours of your complete outfit and other accessories.