Asking a girl out can be quite an issue (even for those who won’t admit it). We’ve all been there, all nervous and stressed-out, wondering if we’re doing it right. Or even worse, imagining hypothetical scenarios with laughs and screams, that end up with the person we like hating us. Even those who seem like they’ve never had problems with dates have been in the same place as you. So, don’t worry about the outcome. The only person you should worry about is yourself. Nobody will make fun of you or laugh at you if you respect yourself. You’ve probably heard this before, but there is no right or wrong thing to say to the person you like. All you need is courage and some research on cute ideas to ask a girl out – that will help you break the ice when you make the first move.

There isn’t a rule that says guys should always make the first step, but if you really like her – why not? If the girl likes you too, she’s probably waiting for you to make the first move or maybe she’s even thinking about asking you out instead. Stop imagining that you are with her and make it happen! We know that even in those moments when you have a green light and you are certain that she likes you too, you still need time and courage. The more you wait, the harder it gets. If you’re in danger of entering the “friend zone”, use every bit of information you know about her, from the things she does, to music and places she likes, and make her your girl. If you’re already in the zone, you probably know everything about her and everything you need to do to get her. If you feel that the friendship isn’t enough, just tell her. Kiss her and see what happens.

cute ideas to ask a girl out

You won’t accomplish anything in life if you don’t step out of your safe and comfortable bubble. Be honest, respect yourself and don’t be a coward. If you see a girl on the street and you like to get to know her, approach her carefully (don’t scare her) and tell her how beautiful she looks and that you’ll appreciate it if she gives you her phone number and if she goes on a date with you. If she’s rude to you, she’s not meant to be with you. Don’t ever give up trying. Maybe she will find you. We give every possibility a chance. If you’re already seeing someone and you’re ready for a more serious commitment, be creative and think of a place that she likes and take her there. While you’re having fun, ask her “spontaneously” and see how it goes. If she’s not ready yet, but she’s worth the wait, give her time. Whatever you do, don’t put yourself in unnecessary agony and stop torturing yourself. Even if she doesn’t want to be with you, show some self-respect and don’t let her see you suffer. It’s kind of a turn-on for girls when they see that the guy that used to like them moved on and found someone else. And then they usually realize that they’ve lost you. In that case, let them fight for you for a change.