Defining Modern Australian Letterboxes

The more aesthetically aware a person is, the more they will reflect their personality in the space they create for themselves. With every single item you choose for your home, you have the chance to make a loud statement about who you are and what your preferences might be. Of course, this rule does not apply only for what’s inside the house, but also for the items you choose for the outdoor space. In this article we will concentrate on Australian letterboxes, the way in which they have evolved in their modern version and what does that version actually comprise.


Contrary to the popular belief, modern design does not equal contemporary design and they are in fact quite different one from another. The contemporary letterbox design is a mixture of the modern and the traditional design. It comprises the added functionality of the modern style, but it also remains keen on the traditional look and feel. The modern design, on the other hand, strives towards simplicity and functionality at any cause. Even when it comes to personalization and décor, it still requires the simplest possible path, otherwise it ceases to be modern.

Modern Australian letterboxes are all about clear lines, perfect symmetry, unavoidable sleekness and look that blends with its surrounding while still maintaining a rather prominent position. In order to personalize the look of a modern letterbox, you can decorate it with a mailbox cover. Even the covers designed for modern letterboxes are faithful to the functionality and simplicity that they require. They also vary in colors and thickness – you can buy a few and change them depending on the season.


Apart from style and personal touch, you should also carefully consider the material of the letterbox itself. The material you should choose largely depends on the area in which you live. Modern letterboxes vary in all kinds of materials, although the form and function stay the same. If your area requires protection from rusting, the aluminum mailboxes are the right choice, but if that’s not quite your case and you are looking for the best way possible to maintain a classy look, maybe with a hint of country lifestyle – then the wooden modern letterboxes will make the perfect fit.

Many of the letterbox owners seek a higher lever of security and the modern boxes are especially designed to provide enough amount of sleekness and safety, simply by being designed with an entrance that cannot be reached with a bare hand, but open enough to let the letters in.