The Different Types of Street Shoes That Every Woman Should Have

We all want to travel and explore the world as more as possible. However, before taking the plane and fly away, consider about have you packed all the right shoes for your trip? Going to a new place means you will spend most of your time walking around so you want to feel as comfortable as possible but sill you do not want to compromise with style. Fortunately, there are so many women’s street shoes that are both, comfortable and fashionable. In this article, we will list a few of them. However, this does not mean you need to take all with you, just those that will be most appropriate for your travelling destination and style.

With this amazing types of women’s street shoes, you do not ever need to choose between grandma shoes and the cute ones for your next trip, so let’s take a look what’s on the list.


canvas shoes

Without doubt one of the coolest type of shoes available. They are extremely comfortable and available in so many different colours. They are made of a fabric called canvas, they are versatile, fun, easily available and moreover they are affordable. When it comes to canvas shoes, Convers is the No1 brand in the world for canvas sneakers. They offer two varieties of durable sneakers: above ankle length shoes and an ankle length. Pair your Converse sneakers with a casual dress, jeans, shorts, casual shirt or t-shirt. Simply you can pair them with anything casual. Canvas is a highly comfortable material so wearing your pair of canvas shoes would not affect your feet if your travel includes walking or standing for a while.


ballerina shoes

This type of shoes is inspired by professional ballet shoes. They are extremely flexible which means their sole will curves anytime they are not on your feet. Also, they are highly comfortable and their thicker sole makes them very beautiful when you place them on your feet. Ballerinas are a light type of shoes which allow for easy wear and packing. You can wear them with short dresses or jeans and a top and literally for anywhere you go. They are comfortable and good looking so they can easily complement your outfit. Get a neutral colour so you can pair them with more of your outfits packed for the trip.



Another amazing type of street shoes. They come with soft sole and can be with or without laces. You can wear them while enjoying some specific activities or just to add some style to your casual look. There are some very amazing collection of sneakers out there if you want to invest in a good pair. A lot of world-known brands offer a range of comfortable and fashionable sneakers so you can easily find your perfect match. The best thing is you can wear them everywhere and with everything.


Loafers shoes

Loafers are elasticated so they can easily get in. The best thing about these shoes as that they are not too dressy and not too formal so you can mix and match them with so many outfits. Shirt, crop top, tank top or even an A-line skirt would fit perfectly with these shoes on your feet. They are extremely chic and comfortable so you can walk with them feeling comfortable while still looking great. Loafers are a perfect choice for daily, casual wear for most days of your vacation.