Discover The Benefits Of Lego Toys For Autistic Children

Construction toys may not be flashy and fast as robots, battery-powered video characters or video games, but they are extremely beneficial for developing kids brain. Today, there is no secret that construction toys are highly beneficial for developing kids:

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • social skills

  • creativity and their way of thinking

  • spatial skills

  • language skills

Lego Toys For Autistic Children Can Improve Social Skills!

Besides that, studies have discovered that the use of Lego toys during play therapy groups for autistic children leads to improved play and social skills. Research confirms that the toys from the Lego brand, such as Lego City, Lego Creator, Lego Duplo, Lego Minecraft, Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends offer an interesting and repetitive routine as well as a form of play that is appealing for children with autism.

These educational toys for autistic children can be simple step by step instructions and free building allowing them to create new things. During these play therapies and with the help of these interesting developmental toys for autistic children, children gain skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication, they learn about sharing, collaboration, and many other social skills.

In 2008, was conducted a research that evaluated social skills interventions in children between 6 and 11, including LEGO therapy. Autistic children were randomly assigned to intervention groups and therapy for 1 hour per week over 18 weeks. The results have shown that LEGO therapy group displayed more improvement than the other groups.

There was another study that compared children with autism who took part in LEGO therapy with children with autism who participated in another form of therapy. The children who participated in LEGO therapy showed more improvement than the other therapy group.

On these LEGO therapy groups, the children participate on a project that is not too easy and not too difficult. Each member has a different job, for example, sorting the bricks, putting the bricks together, obtaining the bricks, designing a special project and so on. Throughout the therapy, each participant gets a turn at each role in order to develop more skills. These therapies are supported by an adult assistant who assists participants with solving some problems, on task behavior and so on.

As you can see, LEGO therapy groups develop skills in children, encourage collaboration, and non-verbal communication. These therapy groups can also provide the members with rewards when they succeed to do something or when they complete the building project. On that way, children can successfully break the routine and start being creative. This therapy helps children with autism develop their creativity and way of thinking and dealing with new things when faced with changes in routine.

There are many different types of developmental and sensory toys for autistic boys and girls, however, the ones from LEGO are the ideal ones, so you can’t be wrong about them!