Discover The World’s 5 Most Popular Lego Sets

Since their invention in 1947 Lego sets have become the most popular construction toys, allowing children and adults to let their imagination guide them producing beautiful and functional constructions. This great invention has enabled Lego enthusiasts to recreate the grace and the power of the most popular trucks on the road as well as real skyscrapers.
Since the range of Lego sets is really wide, we offer you some of the most interesting ones:

Taj Mahal Lego Sets


If you need a break from the science fiction-based sets, then feel free to jump into the world of construction and build the enormous Taj Mahal palace in India. This masterpiece consists of 5, 922 pieces and what makes it so challenging is the fact that all the pieces are generally in the same colour. The set includes rare elements and realistic architectural details, it is 51cm wide and 41cm tall. This amazing model was released in 2008.

Super Star Destroyer


This is a massive Lego set including 5 mini minifigures among which are Darth Vader, Dengar, Admiral Piett, Bossk and IG-88. You will spend most of your time building the interior of the ship but at the end you will not be even able to see it. Nevertheless, the results are an astonishing detailed rendition of the massive ship from the Star Wars saga which is almost 130cm long and weighs almost 4kg. This is a really big set and it consists of 3,152 pieces.

Imperial Shuttle


The Imperial Shuttle is another Star Wars Lego set which will leave you in an awe after you construct it. It was designed so well that it barely looks like Lego after you put together all of the amazing 2, 503 bricks. It comes with 5 mini figures among which are Luke Skywalker, Shuttle Pilot, Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer and of course Darth Vader. Once constructed, you will be astonished by the ship’s appearance which measures 71cm tall and 57cm wide

Grand Carousel


The Grand Carousel is one of those Lego sets that anyone can enjoy constructing. It is very interesting because it rotates driven by a Lego Power Functions motor and in the meantime, it plays music. This set includes 9 mini figures among which are random parents, a carousel conductor and kids that can sit on the carousel as it turns. It has 3, 263 pieces and is adored by both male and female children.

Tower Bridge


This 4, 287 piece set is a replication of the Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London. This Lego set was designed by Jamie Berard, it consists of 4, 287 pieces and is 102cm long, 42cm high and 26cm wide. It does not contain any minifigures but it does include a double-decker bus, yellow truck, green car, and a black taxi.