Dizaster VS O’fficial: The Bunker [REVIEW]

This battle was announced 9 days before The Battles at The Bunker event and I was pretty shocked. Why would Dizaster battle O’fficial? I understand the vice versa thing, but not Dizaster’s angle about this.

Dizaster VS O’fficial

Round 1:

Those stereotype rhymes about women don’t work for Diz! He knows better! That’s a washed up angle. O’fficial stood straight without a bit of intimidation. She started her first round pretty nice. I know her from several other battles, but this was pure fire. She won the first round with “Silencer on a weapon, that’s my definition of peace and quiet”.

Round 2:

Dizaster came back in the second pretty strong, but still, too many jokes and not that much bars. Even O’fficial said that he is going to look stupid on camera. However, her second round was pretty simple, too.

Round 3:

Dizaster really thought that repeating bit*es is going to give him a win. Hell no. But, what was O’fficial doing with her phone? Trying to imitate Canibus or something? Oh man. That’s a loss. No arguments about that. If you pull out your phone, that’s it.


I can’t pick any winner. Dizaster’s one track mind and O’fficial’s reading bars on her phone threw me off. This battle was officially a disaster.