Drinking Games

Interested in finding out what are the most popular drinking games without cards or with cards to play with your loved one or with your friends? Check out our favorite games in the articles bellow:


Circle Of Death Rules: Become a True Drinking Games Gladiator

The Circle of Death is a drinking game that has been around parties for a while. It’s fairly simple to play and all you need to know are the Circle of Death rules. So, all the equipment you need, you probably have it around your home or you have it somewhere in your dorm room. A deck of card and a large cup is all that is needed. Plus, cups for all of the players. The biggest cup is placed in the middle, while the 52 cards are spread around it. Remember that the cards have to be facing…

Learn The Kings Rules and Wild Out For The Night

It’s finally your turn to choose the game for the upcoming gathering with your friends, and you don’t have the tiniest idea on how to make this night amusing and worth remembering. Don’t be discouraged, since I have the perfect game idea for a truly ‘memorable’ night – the King’s Cup! I’m sure you’ve played some  party drinking games at some point during your adolescent years, but believe me when I say – nothing is the same! You’re now legally allowed to get drunk and learn a thing or two about your friends, they’ve never dared to share before! With…
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3 House Party Drinking Games without Cards You Must Try

Has your friend ever told you a good story that includes eating broccoli? Probably no, because a good story is the one that includes party drinking games. The old-fashioned house party drinking games without cards have been played for centuries, as they require nothing but some buzz and a nice group of friends. Smartphones and social media are known to bring people together, but the drinking games can do it in a much more entertaining way. If you and your friends are bored from your usual Saturday night-outs, it is time for you to try something new, something different…

Fun and Easy Drinking Games For 2 People

Although the very act of drinking with friends is fun, we all love to mix up drinking with games. From simple and easy-to-learn to highly complex games that require some skills and thinking, drinking games are available for just anyone who is willing to take the drinking to a next level. We all love playing drinking games, whether it’s going out to a party or as the only activity for the night. But drinking games don’t have to be played by a large group of friends, they can be just as fun as played by two players. There are…