Drug Myths and Facts

Myth: Did you know that many young people take drugs because they believe that drugs help them feel good. Most drugs produce intense feeling of pleasure and the initial feeling of euphoria is followed by other effects which differ depending on the type of drug. Stimulants are usually accompanied by the feeling of power, self-confidence, and increased energy. On the other hand, the consumption of heroin is marked by a euphoric rush, a warm feeling of relaxation, and a sense of security and protection.

Fact: Although drug effects can temporarily boost your mood, the effects does not last long. In fact, the consumption of drugs can cause physical or emotional side effects like headache, nausea, and depression.

Myth: Some people who suffer from anxiety, stress disorders, and depression consume drugs in order to reduce these feelings. Stress can play a huge role in triggering drug consumption.

Fact: Certain medications that are prescribed can help reduce anxiety and stress disorders in people who have mental health problems that were diagnosed by doctors. These medications should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. The feeling of well-being caused by the use of drugs such as marijuana or cocaine can only temporarily cover up your problems while on the long-term you won’t feel better. In fact, illegal drugs can cause additional stress, anxiety, and other side effects.

Myth: Addicts can stop using drugs anytime.

Fact: When people are addicted to drugs, they must be available to them anytime. Being around people who take drugs, can make healing from addiction difficult. However, there are many people and programs that can help.

Myth: You have to use drugs for a long time before you can feel the side effects.

Fact: Drugs can cause the brain to send the wrong signals to the body, which can make a person stop breathing, have a heart attack or even go into a coma. The truth is that this can happen the very first time the drug is used.

Myth: If you buy drugs from a friend, you’ll get the pure stuff.

Fact: Drugs are illegal, so no one can really know what is really in them. Drugs can be very dangerous and they can contain medications that relieve pain, fever, caffeine, various sugars, and addictive drugs. Cocaine contains veterinary drug Levamisole – which is used in the treatment of parasites of animals.

Myth: Teenagers are too young to get addicted.

Fact: Addiction can happen at any age. Even unborn babies can get addicted if their mother is already an addict.

Myth: If you are pregnant and using drugs, your body protects the baby.

Fact: Drugs affect the unborn baby as they affect the mother or even more. Drug use during pregnancy can cause a death of the baby or preterm birth. Drugs can bring physical or mental damage to the newborn child.

Myth: If you smoke pot during the weekend, you will be fine by Monday.

Fact: The effects of marijuana can last up to three days. Pot (marijuana) reduces memory, coordination, and reflexes.

Myth: As soon as you start feeling normal, all the drug is out of the body.

Fact: Long after the effects of the drug stop being felt, drugs can still be found in your body. Cocaine can be found in the body up to one week while marijuana can be found up to three months after a single use. In addicts, traces of drugs can be detected in hair samples up to six months.