Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment: Types & Uses

Electronic testing equipment is one of the most essential things electricians cannot live without. It is a powerful device used to detect malfunctions in electronic devices by creating stimulus signals and capturing responses from them. If there are any faults, they can be traced and repaired with the help of electronic testing equipment.

Usually, all electrical and electronic circuits are tested and troubleshooted to detect if there is any fault or abnormal functioning. Therefore, electronic testing and fault diagnosis is necessary to discover and analyze the circuit conditions in many industries. Today, you can find a vast of test and measurement equipment on the market that vary on price and size. Let’s get through some of the basics, so you can easily understand the types and work of all electronic testing equipment.

The Basic Electronic Testing Equipment:

  • Voltmeter – Voltmeter is the basic electronic device/instrument used to measure voltage or electrical potential difference between two points in electrical circuits. It can be found as analog and digital voltmeter.
  • Ohmmeter – Ohmmeter is an electrical instrument designed to measure electrical resistance. The devices used to measure small value of resistance are known as micro-ohmmeters and consequently, meg-ohmmeters are used to measure large resistances. Ohmmeter devices come with a small battery in order to apply a voltage to a resistance and with the help of a galvanometer measures the electric current through the resistance. Resistance values are measured in ohms (Ω).
  • Ammeter – Ammeter is an electronic devise designed to measure the electric current in a circuit. The electric current is measured in amperes (A). Today, there are different types of ammeters like, moving-coil, moving-iron, moving magnet and so on.
  • Multimeter – Multimeters are electronic instrument used to measure the three basic electrical characteristics: current, voltage and resistance. Multimeter has several functions and acts like ammeter, ohmmeter and voltmeter and is also used for household electric motors, wiring, testing batteries and power supplies. There are three types of available on the market: digital multimeter, analog multimeter and fluke multimeter.

Electronic Testing Equipment2

Electric Testing Equipment Used To Test Stimulus Signals Of The Circuit Under Test:

  • Power Supplies – Power supplies are an electric instruments that supply electric energy to an electric load. The main function of the power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy into another.
  • Signal Generator – A signal generator or also known as frequency generator, pitch generator and function generator is used for generating electronic signals. They are used mainly in designing, testing and repairing electronic devices. Today, you can choose from the various types of signal generators that have different applications and purposes.

  • Pulse Generator – A pulse generator can be an electronic circuit or a piece of electronic testing equipment utilized to generate electrical pulses in different shapes. It is usually used to control the delay, frequency and width based on the low and high voltage levels of the pulses.

  • Digital Pattern Generator – A digital generator is a software or electronic testing equipment utilized to generate digital electronics stimuli. Its function is to stimulate the inputs of an electronic device.

Electronic Testing Equipment

Electronic Testing Equipment Used To Analyze The Response Of The Circuit Under Test:

  • Oscilloscope – This is an electronic test instrument that can observe the varying voltage signals. Oscilloscope or also known as oscillograph, digital storage oscilloscope and cathode ray oscilloscope is also used for converting non electrical signals like sound and vibration into voltages.

  • Frequency Counter – This type of electrical testing equipment is used for measuring the frequency of repetitive signals and time between some events. They are usually used to measure radio frequency.
Advanced And Less Commonly Used Electrical Testing Equipment:
  • LCR Meter – This type of electronic testing equipment is used to measure the resistance, inductance and capacitance of electronics components.