Emagine Canton Showtimes – All You Need To Know About

About Emagine Entertainment

Emagine Entertainment is a luxury movie chain theatre, operating in nine cities throughout Michigan and the first theatre chain in the world to convert to 100% digital production. Owns the honoring label for -”Best Movie theatres” for several years by the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and WDIV.

Emagine Entertainment, known as Cinema Hollywood at first, had its beginnings in 1997, when it was best known as the first movie theatre chain offering all stadium seats in Birch Run, MI.
the company is known for offering many amenities including enhanced movie going experience, highest standards of customer service, valet parking, luxury seating, reserved seats, offering alcohol beverages for adults.

Family Movies

Get the best experience with Emagine and enjoy the magic of movies with all the members of your family, whether you are coming for a special event or you wish to see an animated movie, Emagine guarantees fun times and happy joyful moments you can share with your entire family.
For this cause, Emagine has the greatest offer that will make the youngest of your family(offer applicable for children ages 6-11) particularly excited.

  • Breakfast & Movie  – Each month Emagine teams up with Ironwood Grill to deliver a delicious breakfast at Emagine Royal Oak, followed by a superb family-friendly movie where you can spend some quality time with your kids.
  • Toys! – Take the fun at home with our movie themed toys, put a smile on your child’s face when he gets his movie hero as a toy to play endlessly with. (the offer stands for fist come first serve during opening weekend, due to limited supply of toys)
  • Summer reading program – Emagine has made another great collaboration with community libraries, to encourage kids and inspire them reading through summer days.

Food and Beverages

Emagine has teamed up with local proved Michigan names to deliver unique service of food and beverages you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Ironwood Grill – wood-fired pizzas, high-quality BBQ specialties, and other upper-class snacks;
  • Michigan Craft Beer – There is a variety of different Michigan beer companies, such as Bell’s, Shorts, Atwater, Founders and many more.
  • Hand-Crafted Cocktails – Try out some of Emagine’s Drink & Movie pairings or pick a cocktail of your choosing, you won’t be displeased, as a matter of fact you might be quite impressed.
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle – Increased drink options with the Coca- Cola Freestyle machines;
  • Poppin’ Olive – Healthy popcorns, tasty as well as regular, containing Extra Virgin Olive oil and dressed with sea salt.


For extra special movie experience, Emagine always tries to improve and strives to the ultimate quality of services. Always check out the specials or ask an attendant before going to an Emagine movie theatre. Emagine is always happy and compliant to provide you with:

  • Pop and popcorn free refills;
  • For Emagine loyalty members, free small popcorns on Tuesday’s;
  • For Emagine loyalty members, free valet parking (at Royal Oak and Macomb);
  • or Emagine loyalty members, free parking for three hours (Royal Oak).

Platinum perks

The Platinum Membership, which you can get for a fee of 350$ annually brings up his own perks. With this membership you have numerous benefits, and its valid for all the members of your household or the family of the primary member. A Platinum member enjoys the following rights:

  • Preferred seats up to 4 hours before the start of the show time;
  • Certain benefits to book reservations at Ironwood Grill, or call ahead when there’s a waiting list;
  • 100$ credit for movie tickets and all food and beverages available at the theatre, upon first visit, expires in one year;
  • All ordinary members may attend the shows, no matter if they are with or without the primary member present;
  • The primary member may bring up to 9 guests per visit, at any one film (any household member);
  • Oh his/ her birthday the primary member gets a free ticket and a free entrée (within the Birthday month) at IronWood Grill (Emagine Palladium or Emagine Royal Oak);
  • Concession Discounts and incentives for frequent customers at all of Emagine’s theatres;
  • Reduced ticket prices (weekends and holidays);
  • Purchasing and reserving seats online before non-members.

Emagine Canton Showtimes

Our favorite theatre of all is the Emagine Canton Showtimes!

There are a lot of luxuries that you can enjoy during your stay at Emagine Canton Showtimes.

We’re talking about the luxurious seats so you can feel as comfortable as you can, the stadium seats so you can have the best film watching experience, at Canton Cinema Showtimes you can enjoy the 30 Foot Screens, the 3-D technology, the amazing Hand Crafted Pizzas & Poppin’ Olive, the Emagine Canton Movie Times Bar to enjoy a fine glass of beer, wine or any drink by choice, the Dolby Atmos EMAX Theatre, the birthday parties (up to 36 people) and the private theatre rentals.

You should definitely need to go an enjoy the Emagine Canton Movie Times!