Essential Accessories to Hit the Streets with

Without any doubt, one of the most popular brands so far is the streetwear one. Bold designs and bright colours are the trademarks for this type of style which originates from the early ’80s in California. But the truth is that the street style we used to see a couple of years ago is no longer the same as the one we see today. What once was labeled as baggy and trashy, now has turned into more polished meaning that you can wear streetwear clothing and still look smart. Except for the extraordinary clothing pieces, the thing that makes this type of style so catchy and appealing is the accessories.


street wear beanies (2)

Although it is pretty obvious but a list like that cannot be started without mentioning hats. In fact, they have always been a part of streetwear as they allow you to add a personal touch to your style without compromising it. Whether it is baseball caps, bucket caps or streetwear beanies all of them come in a range of colours and texture meaning that you can easily find the one that can meet your overall outfit. What’s more, hats are the first thing people will notice on you as they are considered as the most visible accessory, so if what you want is to make a statement with your outfit streetwear beanies or any other type of streetwear hats you can be sure that they are the ideal accessory to opt for.


streetwear watch

Watches are an all-time favourite type of accessory for both men and women. In fact, fashion designers claim that watches will never go out of fashion as they are the only accessory that can be worn with literally everything. However, just like with any other type of accessory, watches also come in different sizes, shapes, colours, materials, and styles of course, so when it comes to choosing one to match your streetwear style, make sure you opt for a minimalist bright model of watch.


streetwear watch

Gone are the days when wearing more than one ring was considered feminine. Nowadays, the streetwear fashion is all about wearing rings on both hands by both men and women. The type of ring you choose can depend only on your personal taste as there is a bunch of them available on the market.

Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots

Last but not least, Chelsea boots are another must-have type of accessory for complementing your street style. They are pretty popular as they can be worn with pretty much everything, so if you want to look like the Instagram icons you see all time, opt for them and pair them with a t-shirt, buttoned shirts and even some casual type of suit.