Experiencing Hunter Valley

Australia takes pride in being one of world’s largest exporters of highest quality wine, made from the very best grape varieties grown in the fruitful Australian soil. And when you think of Australia, what are the first things that come to your mind? Here is what I associate Australia with: breathtaking scenery, blazing sun, the bush kangaroo and of course, exceptional food and wine. Since I am a huge wine lover, I must mention that I am the biggest fan of the Australian Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Merlot. They all make part of Hunter Valley special selection of wines, where bottles of best Australian wine come from.

Hunter Valley is situated only two hours from Sydney and it is the premium tourist destination for passionate wine drinkers and those who want to experience the splendid Australian nature, food and wine on a whole new level. This place on Earth is the perfect getaway to escape the city’s hustle and recharge the batteries. Starting from the lush green landscapes with appealing rolling vineyards that bring some of the best wines on the market, then exploring the small family-run businesses with their small boutique wineries, Hunter Valley will certainly give you unforgettable memories that you, as a real wine enthusiast, will definitely be proud of.

If one day, you make your way to Hunter Valley, do not forget to give yourself the heavenly pleasure to enjoy the Hunter Valley special selection of local wines and regional produce coming from this region. Enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner at some of the popular restaurants in the valley, while being embraced by the beauties of the Australian nature itself.

Moreover, do not miss the Hunter Valley wine tours that will take you to the world of Australian wine-making industry and even beyond. Therefore, you have the brilliant opportunity to boost your wine knowledge with more useful information, like for example, how grapes are crushed into wine and stored in some of the valley’s amazing underground cellars that export most exquisite Australian red and white all across the world. Once there, you also have the chance to personally meet few world-renowned wine producers, such as Lindemans, McGuigan and Hardy’s.

During your stay at Hunter Valley, you will be guided by experts and wine connoisseurs that will take you on the most exciting journey to wine production, so you will get a deeper insight into this region’s unique wine-making process.