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after 9 to 5 the dj

After 9 to 5 – The DJ | Short Film

The “After 9 to 5” series tells the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This episode showcases the art of DJing up close, providing you with an experience from the other side of the turntables. We all need to unplug. What’s your escape plan? The DJ: Marko Simovski The Beatmaker: Dejan “Skitara” Janushev The Cameraman: Vladislav Gavrilovski

The Importance of Maintaining Your Motorcycle and Some Useful Tips

Keeping your motorcycle in a good working condition is important for both, the lifespan of the machine and your safety. Regular motorbike maintenance does not require much. It will take only a few minutes of your time but it will ensure you will have a safe ride. You do not need to be a professional mechanic to know how to the basic servicing tasks. A little common sense and the right tools and products are all you need so you can provide motorbike maintenance and keep him in a top shape. Here are few tips to follow so you can enjoy your ride…
vinyl wood plank flooring (3)

Ideas on How to Update Your Kitchen on a Limited…

Everything starts with the first cup of coffee in the morning. You wake up and all you want to do is to move yourself to the kitchen and prepare a cup of hot coffee so the day can officially begin. Starting in the morning and during the whole day round, a kitchen is the busiest room in the home. It is the place where we turn ourselves in chefs and cook the most delicious food, the place where all that family dinners happen and memories are made. So, once in a while your kitchen needs an update. When your…

An Introduction to 3D Printing

Traditionally, when we think of printing, we think of printing out something on a piece of paper using ink. Well, 3D printing is actually printing out physical objects. For example, you have a digital image that you can create using different animation and 3D modeling software and once done, you can connect this image with a 3D printer and it actually takes that analyses it, and it prints out in physical form layer by layer. If you think about traditional printing you have syringes with ink, while with 3D printers you can have syringes filled with all different types…

The Nitty Gritty of Skateboard Parts

Skateboarding is a fairly popular sport in Australia, with skaters riding in every skate park and normal park they can find, but do they know how their boards are made and why all of their components work so well. No, I’m not planning on boring you to death by explaining how the board’s wood or metal is shaped, but I will explain what all the components do and how susceptible they are to breaking.

No Sneakers are the Jack of All Trades – Which…

When it comes to sneakers, many choose the wrong model for the exercise they actually do. However, unlike choosing urban sneakers so you can look cool, choosing the right sneakers shoes for the type of exercise you do is much more important because it can help improve performance and reduce injury as well. Whether you are looking for sneakers shoes for walking, jogging or training, below you will find helpful information on which shoes fit best which kind of exercise. Running Shoes When shopping for running sneakers shoes online Australia retailers are worth to visit as they usually offer…
Contemporary Office Furniture

The Four Most Popular Office Furniture Styles

You know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and when it comes to your business, that first impression comes from your offices. The furniture, the colour schemes, and the decorating pieces are just some of the many things from which your clients can get the first impression of your company. Thus, putting an effort in decorating your office is of utmost importance for making your clients feel more comfortable. This, in fact, is the first step towards creating a welcoming and comfy office space that will be the witness of many…
Knee Pads for Skating

Protective Equipment – The Ideal Way to Improve Safety When…

Fun and healthy, skateboarding is a popular recreational activity, especially among teenagers. However, just like any other sport, skateboarding requires wearing a protective equipment in order to improve safety. When talking protective gear, the basic and most needed types of skateboarding protective equipment are skateboard helmets, knee pads for skating, elbow pads, skateboard gloves, and wrist guards. Deciding what size you need can be difficult, especially if you are new to this, which is why we are here to help you make the right choice.

The Uses & Advantages of the Different Types of Pallet…

Pallet trucks also refereed to as pallet jacks are manual or electrically operated forklifts used to transport one or more pallets at a time. They are useful for a multitude of tasks and give a lot of advantages to the businesses that use them. But first let’s go more in depth of what they are.
Urban Sneakers shoes

Urban Sneakers Are for More Than Just the Gym

Sneakers originated from work-shoes and are most popularly used by athletes as sports shoes. But in the last few years, sneakers have become a popular option for streetwear and a must have for urban street appeal. Urban sneakers have morphed into a fashion-sport shoe, that can be both practical and stylish. But with such a complex ‘morphing’ it is essential to know what to look for, to receive all the benefits from such a wonders shoe.