An Informative Review of the FLIR E4 Thermal Camera

A thermal imagine camera is a device that converts thermal energy into visible light with a purpose to analyze a particular zone or object. The image that is created is also known as thermogram and it is studied through the process of thermography. So if you are looking for a method of improving the visibility of objects in darker environments, they buying a thermal camera is the thing you should. Currently, there are dozens of thermal cameras on the Australian market, however, we will put our focus on one of the best the FLIR E4 thermal camera.

The FLIR E4 is easy to use point and shoot thermal camera, which has enough features to make it user-friendly and really straightforward. The infrared resolution that is 80×60 pixels, who can go up to 4800 temperature points at the same time, with a great thermal sensitivity that goes up to 150mK which shows even the smallest temperature differences, making hot or cold areas really distinguishable.


Inside the FLIR E4 thermal camera, the visual camera allows you to see both the infrared and the standard visual image, which can be saved at the same time, which later on can be added to the thermal report that is included with FLIR. On the softer side of this camera, it works with proprietary MSX that add details to the images, brings out the level of details that has never seen been before. With a brighter, display, the FLIR E4 thermal camera comes with 10-year detector warranty, making sure that the users will have longevity, not only quality.

The built-in visual camera allows both an infrared thermal image and a standard visual image to be saved at the same time, which can be incorporated into a thermal report with the included FLIR Tools software. FLIR’s proprietary MSX (multi-spectral dynamic imaging) feature adds a level of detail to the images, bringing out previously impossible levels of detail in an infrared image. A new and brighter display, rugged housing and FLIR’s 10-year detector warranty complete the package.


Pros and Cons of buying FLIR E4

  • Pros – Even though is the lowest-priced thermal imaging camera on the market, the E4 has high-quality durability, functionality and durability, something that even expensive cameras lack.
  • Cons – The only thing that this thermal camera lacks is the resolution of the camera. However, this can be fixed with connecting it to your computer and analyzing the images on your screen.

The FLIR E4 with reliable price offers you functionality and durability. Even though the resolution is low it will still do the job, and without a doubt, it can be said that it is a great investment! Having portability, functionality and durability is something that every user of thermal imaging camera looks for!