Reviewing the General Features of FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera

For every professional working with various types of equipment, there is always the need of having the best testing equipment. Without a doubt, the FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera is one of them. This is the new equipment of the E85, which is built on the previous generation E75, combination made from the newest tech the E85 is one of the best thermal cameras on the market. FLIR backed by their experience created a device that will help professional analyse structures with the most precise measurements.

Being incredible yet affordable the FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera is equipped with a bigger and brighter touchscreen provides the users with easier control with the menu settings, together with the multi-touch gesture support which is sensitive to the same touch as a smartphone or a tablet. This camera is built with features that make analysing and finding faults in electrical and power systems fast and easy while avoiding costly equipment malfunctions. It is used for building inspecting and pest inspections, also will find any moisture problems, leaks and inspect the installation of a building without a problem.

One of the most surprising aspects of the FLIR E85 is the bigger and brighter screen which makes very efficiently controlling the menu settings in any situation. Also, the screen is made from Dragontail glass, and the who device is housed in durable, water and dust resistance housing offing the best protection from any outside interference.

In the previous generation, you had to add on lenses to calibrate the device. However, with the E85 there is no need because it can be equipped with wide angle and narrow field lenses. The new tech developed by FLIR, allows the lenses to be added to the camera without returning it to the standard factory settings. Additionally, lenses are changed without any problems.

One thing that a lot of professionals find appealing on the FLIR E85 is the crisp and clear image. The resolution is 384 x 288 which offers enough pixels so the picture can be analysed. Also, with the integration of USB, you can easily transfer the images to a computer so you can send them to other professionals who are inspecting the same building.

Investing in the FLIR E85 thermal imaging camera is the best thing you can do as professional. It is not only functional, yet it is durable, affordable, reliable and easy to use. On the market, there are no competitors, especially in Australia, because no other can compare with the characteristics of this device.