What Makes FLIR T420 the Hot Thermal Imaging Camera Choice

Point-and-shoot thermal images are used to perform a variety of infrared inspections. But if you are an inspector with a busy schedule full of scans more suited for a contortionist, know that there is a camera that may be the perfect fit for you – the FLIT T420 infrared camera.

This camera comes with a unique rotating optical block that gives you the flexibility to point the lens at any angle and keep the display at an easy view so you can work comfortably through the day and get more done. This is one of the things that sets this camera apart from all other cameras.

The FLIT T420 camera is perfect for detailed inspections, predictive maintenance, energy performance and building diagnostics. Offering 320 x 240 IR resolutions, with this camera you will be able to capture such vivid shots that will help you find the heat signatures of hidden problems and obtain more accurate temperature measurements.

Another feature of this camera that also helps make life easier is the MSX, which is a thermal image enhancement feature that adds visible camera definition to thermal images in real time producing extraordinary detail to clearly highlight right where the problem is. MSX images are fully radiometric with excellent quality that even avoids a separate digital photo for reports.

But high resolution means nothing without proper focus – the key to accurate imaging. The FLIT T420 camera also meet this requirement with manual controls as well as the industry’s fastest autofocus. The camera also allows you to sketch right on IR and visible light images and the pointing out areas of interest.

To show what you’ve found to your customers, you can install the reporting software that comes with the camera on your PC. The software allows you to create professional documents to make your case or repairs. To speed up decision-making even more with clear tools mobile, you can use APPs available for Apple and Android to import images from the camera to your iPad or smartphone. These APPs allow you to change the appearance, add measurement tools, create a report and then send it by email or up to the cloud right from the field where you are working.

Touchscreen tools, compass, highest resolution, best accuracy, and interchangeable lenses are some of the amazing things that make the FLIT T420 more flexible than ever to help you get the reliable shot and help save the day.