Features, Uses and Benefits of the FLIR TG165 Thermal Camera

FLIR is an established name in the thermal imaging industry known for its wide range of top quality cameras designed for detecting infrared energy emitted by objects, which is invisible to the human eye. These advanced cameras are called thermal imaging cameras or IR cameras and are used in a number of industries for troubleshooting applications, identifying insulation problems in buildings and keeping all machines in proper working condition. FLIR took the practical features of IR cameras to the next level by introducing the FLIR TG165, which is their first thermal imaging thermometer. It combines the features of a single spot IR thermometer and a thermal camera to deliver accurate temperature readings as well as fast and efficient operation.


With this advanced device it’s all about the details. It delivers exceptional image quality on even small wires and connectors. Manufactured with efficient indoor electrical inspection in mind, the FLIR TG165 thermal imaging camera is ideal for detecting hot and cold spots in such electrical equipment as switch boxes and electrical cabinets. Due to its portable and compact design, the IR thermometer allows you to make all inspections from a safe distance, while at the same time providing reliable results about the condition of your machines and tools. It works on simple principles by capturing the infrared light that objects emit. The intensity of the emitted light is an indication of how hot or cold a particular object is.

The IT thermometer features two laser pointers that you can easily point towards the areas you want to test. They allow you to make accurate measurements even on complex electrical equipment. One of the best features of the FLIR TG165 is its 50-degree field of view, which means you can efficiently scan an entire wall in one image. It comes with a 2.0” LCD display, 150K thermal imaging sensitivity and a temperature range of -25° to 380°C. The main benefit of this type of IT thermometer is its easy of use, therefore you don’t need special training to make measurements. It also has a quick response time and adjustable options that allow you to adjust the emissivity according to your specific needs.

With an 8-hour battery life you can be assured the FLIR TG165 won’t fail you when you most need it. It includes an 8GB memory card where you can save the thermal images and other readings and keep track on the obtained results. The device is lightweight and compact, making it very easy to carry around with you. But, if you do accidentally drop it you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged because it has a sturdy design that can withstand a 2 meter drop.