Flooring Design Ideas For Your Client’s Office To Inspire You

The cold and formal standards for client’s offices are slowly, but surely becoming history. The feeling of familiarity and welcoming, home-like surroundings seem to be the new craze. Employers, employees and clients, all agree that the visual appearance of the place, be it some refreshing décor, new coat of paint on the walls, or daring black and white vinyl flooring, adds a new kind of relaxing flavor to the place of negotiation. After all, we’re all just human beings and we all have the same basic urges and desires – we want to feel as comfortable as possible as often as possible, so why not make the client’s office a warmer and more welcoming place for everyone concerned? Below you have few ideas on how to attain a specific homey feeling, or simply turn the office into a more appealing place to be.


Whenever you want to add more comfort and warmth to a place, make sure that you rely on wood or wood-like materials. To make it more fun, do not stick to one color only, choose flooring that comprises more of the woody palette, starting from cream and all the way to the darkest of brown. Then you can also add rugs or cushion to furthermore soothe the lovely environment you’ve created.


This is the part where you can get as creative as you want, but when it comes to flooring, although it seems like the options are endless, there are certainly rules that need to be followed. Light gray laminate flooring is great if you want to open up the space, brownish colors and genuine wooded flooring will create the much desired warmth, but you can also opt for black and white vinyl flooring if you are keen on classic, yet bold choices that leave room for more passionate colors in the décor, such as burgundy.


Always remember to choose patterns that aren’t overwhelming, since that will create an obstruction between you and the choice of furniture and décor. If the pattern of the floor is too rich, it will leave no room to get more creative with different pieces of furniture. The grid or the diagonal patterns are best choice for those who like to cross the line, but still remain simple.

Lines As Your Ally

Too many offices have large areas of glass and that leaves the option for choosing flooring with wide diagonal lines that will open up the space, make it appear even more spacious and spice it up in a sophisticated way.