Nowadays, it is pretty common to see homes and business with laminate flooring. The reason is simple, people love the look of hardwood floor but not all of them can afford it. While hunting for the best flooring for their space, their budget not always allow wooden floors and they end up choosing a laminate flooring, which in addition to being much more budget friendly also offers the much desired wooden look they are looking for their flooring.

But many more features make laminate flooring a first-class covering for almost all types of surfaces. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should turn to laminate flooring as the perfect flooring solution for your home or office.

Why is Laminate the Most Common Flooring Choice

Reasonable Price

When compared with other types of flooring available on the market, laminate flooring is one of the most cost-effective options you can use to cover home and office surfaces. In terms of cost, it is not only the price of laminate flooring that is more affordable to people’s pocket, but the costs for installation and long-term maintenance are lower as well.

A Blend Of Outstanding Features

Since laminate floors were introduced int the market in the 1980’s, the advances in the laminate manufacturing technology has been continuously modifying this products and the latest generations of laminate flooring feature the finest characteristics of wooden flooring including texture. New models of laminate available come with textures so impressive that even an expert may find it difficult to distinguish it from real wood. The colour options available are also immense and you will be surprised to find so many shades to choose from.

Easy Installation

Laminate floors are simple and easy to install, and different installation methods are also available including glue, nail and floating-style installations. Since laminate floors are output of the advanced flooring industry, they come in a pre-finished form that requires no sealing, sanding nor staining during installation.

Can be Installed Direct on Top of Other Sub-Floors

Adjustability is another reason to choose laminate flooring for your home or office. These floors can be flawlessly installed to any type of sub-floor (granite, wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum), as long as it is dry, clean and level.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Regular vacuuming and mopping is all you will have to do to keep these floors clean, shiny and good-looking. Cleaning stains and spills on laminate floors is also much easier than any other type of floor covering, like a carpet, for example.

Like other types of flooring, laminate also has its disadvantages. Made of a material called HDF (High Density Fiberboard), the flooring tend to be more ‘vulnerable’ to water damage than natural-wood flooring. When directly exposed to water, it may start to expand and break down. And if the laminate flooring gets seriously damaged, changing the entire floor may be necessary.


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