Food Pairings: Merlot And Cabernet Merlot Blend

The range of wines is endless. From red to white, all those tastes and colours give special beauty to any well prepared dish. When it comes to pairing with food, there are still some things you should know. You can not eat every food with every wine, that is for sure. For example, lets talk about Merlot. Wines that are Merlot based, tend to boast medium body with berry hints. It is amazing diversity which makes these wines great choice to drink alone, even this means sitting in your comfortable chair and reading a good book. If you think you can not brig out the beautiful flavors of Merlot if you drink this wine all alone, you are completely wrong. Because, Merlot do not need food to bring out its flavors, although Cabernet Merlot blend tend to go great with the same foods you may eat with Cabernet Sauvignon, like chicken, pork and grilled charred beef.

Merlot wines that have high level of acidity, which come from places with cooler climate like northeastern Italy and Washington State, tend to be softer and fuller-bodied and can be amazing companions to fresh and grilled salmon, mushroom based dishes and salads with bitter leaves, such as rocket and radicchio. If you are more for light-bodied version of Merlot wine, you can go with a nice plate of seafood dishes. For example, lobsters, scallops and prawns taste delicious with this wine, and if you want to make these dishes more amazing in taste, than add a little bit of prosciutto in the menu.

Cabernet Merlot BlendWhat to Avoid with Merlot

Finding what goes great with Merlot wine is quite easy, but what you should not mix with this wine – that it is not so simple. Try to stay away from any cheese that has strong flavor, for example a veiny cheeses. Because this way the fruits in this wine can be easily overwhelmed. Also, any spicy food, such as Thai or Indian food may accentuate the bitterness, so probably is not wise to pair it with Merlot.

Blending Merlot with Cabernet

Generally, Merlot is very often mixed to create Cabernet Merlot blend, although Merlot tends to be riper, fleshier and softer than Cabernet, and has lack of powerful acidity and tannins. Most Cabernet blends can still be enjoyed with lot of Italian foods as the flavours are enhance by sweet tasting sauces and juicy tomatoes. Mushrooms, parmezan cheese and roast chicken in a lasagne or spaghetti bolognese respond very well to Cabernet Merlot blend. At the end, the best way to find out how Merlot goes with your taste and some foods, is simply to try it.