Free MP3 Music Download Sites – The Ultimate List

Before we start our list of free mp3 music download sites, we need to quote the great Friedrich Nietzsche: “Without music, life would be a mistake.

He was totally right! Image if the great Beethoven and Mozart never created their masterpieces. Imagine if The Beatles and Queen never created the modern understanding of love and peace. Indeed, I do not want to live in that world.

The evolution of music mediums throughout the last two decades has gone hay-wire! It all began when I was just little owning a walkman was considered ultra-cool and walking around town with your headphones on – you were instantly noticed! Afterward, the CD disc player come, and the iPad and all the other gimmicks. But for me playing MP3 on my PC will always be my favorite way to listen to music.

I remember back in 1999 when I got my first (for that period of time) super gaming rig. Got the best GPU and CPU ever and the best sound blasters that the market had to offer. I always searched the net to get the best mp3 music download for current hits at the time to listen while playing Diablo II.

Today the situation is quite different. There are many different online music streaming services, and listening free music without the use of download has become quite normal. The reason why is simple, there is tons of music apps for IOS and Android that offer you a download of free mp3 downloads.

We are not breaking any laws because there are tons of websites that provide you with a legal music download so you can listen to the best tunes while at work or sit in front of the PC.

Top 10 Free MP3 music Download Sites

So you can’t wait any longer? You want it now? There are free music download sites that provide you to listen to music offline – it really does not matter where you will download them (PC, iPad, iPhone or Android), all you need to do is enjoy! Here are my top picks for you to download mp3!

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MP3 Base

Mp3 Base is one awesome site, where you can find the trendiest music for free. This site offers you to a way to listen to your favorite tunes without the need of downloading or you can download them and listen to them on your PC mp3 player.

MP3 Raid

Mp3 raid over the years has become one of the best engines to search mp3s. With just an ease, you can search any mp3 downloads. Since it is 100% legal, in its database there are only legit tracks, over one million of free mp3 music you to choose from.


While conduction my research of finding the best Mp3 downloader, I came upon this site. I was amazed, how the interface was so easy, the rich database and the friendly community. You have the chance to listen to your tracks online or you can download them and listen to them offline.

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I remember back in 2008, my brother was doing some programming in his study room, when I notice the he was using the service Spotify. I felt in love instantly! It is a great site to download or listen to your favorite hits from the past and from today. This APP you can use it on your phone, your PC, Smart TV, and your tablet!

eMP3 World

eMp3World is one the most utilized website for your music downloads. It is constantly updated with the newest music hits that people around the globe love to listen to. It has a similar interface like Mp3Skull and there are over a million tracks to pick from.

Pandora – MP3 Music Download Sites

Pandora was formed back in 2000 and is only available in Australia, USA, and New Zealand. Pandora offers you free download and stream of mp3 music with the additional payment to get the full experience. They have created one of the best mini players with an easy interface and full compatibility.

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Mp3 Grabber

The mp3 grabber is one of the best mp3 music download sites. Specialized as a video to mp3 converter, can convert any video on youtube to a mp3.

Mp3 Juices

Mp3 juices is another one of the most popular free mp3 music download sites that are pretty new on the block. There is a wide range of mp3 music to download, with a huge database to choose from, comes with an extra trait – they are all free!

Radio is a free site to listen to daily power hits. The site provides you features like live music shows, interesting articles about music and artist, sweepstakes, a podcast created from music DJs. You have the extra feature that you can comment and communicate with the current host, and order what songs to be played or even discuss why the song sucks or it is awesome.


This hipster and ultra cool site offer you the best access to mp3 music which you can either download or stream it online.There are around 3 million songs and are all legal to download. You can easily browse, by artist, genre or period. They clearly have invested in the site technology and offer you a chance to publish your own songs to be downloaded. With over 214 million downloads is one of the most popular free mp3 download site to date.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

Now is time to enjoy! Go browse that music, stream it or download it, lay back and relax with the music. Get that stress out of your body with the help of the restoring sounds of music. Listening to a good music will improve your mind and body. With so many beneficial effects on your daily doings, the doctor recommends at least 1 hour of constant music listening per day! Remember always to choose something that relaxes you!

Disclaimer: We do not support any illegal downloads of music that may be found on these free mp3 music download sites. Before we picked them, we investigated in detail that at that current time, there were no illegal tracks that are against the international law of copyrights.