Fun and Easy Drinking Games For 2 People

Although the very act of drinking with friends is fun, we all love to mix up drinking with games. From simple and easy-to-learn to highly complex games that require some skills and thinking, drinking games are available for just anyone who is willing to take the drinking to a next level. We all love playing drinking games, whether it’s going out to a party or as the only activity for the night. But drinking games don’t have to be played by a large group of friends, they can be just as fun as played by two players. There are specific drinking games for 2 people which you can either play with your friend or your partner.

Let’s Discover These Fun and Easy Drinking Games For 2 People:

Power Hour


If you are looking for a simple 2-player drinking game to get the night going, look no further than Power Hour. This is one of the simplest drinking games for two players, but it can feel pretty tough in the morning. The rules are simple: take a shot of beer every minute for a whole hour. That is 60 shots in 60 minutes. Prove yourself as the true drinking champion and get through the hour with a clean mind.

Never Have I…


This game is a great and exciting ice-breaker, especially when played with alcohol. As most of the drinking games for two people without cards or dice, the rules of Never Have I are very simple. The first player starts the game by making a confession of something he/she has never done (for example: Never have I kissed a butt). If the other player has kissed a butt, he/she must drink. Then he/she makes a confession. If you are going to play this drinking game with your partner, be naughty to additionally spice up the game.

Higher Or Lower


Since most of us are looking for simple 2 player drinking games, here is one more simple game. Higher Or Lower is an easy to play a game and all you need to have is a deck of cards. One of you two starts the game by turning over the card on the top of the deck. The other player then calls if the next card of the deck will be higher or lower than the flipped over a card. If correct, the dealer takes a drink, but if wrong, the second player must drink.

Striptease Dice


This drinking game is dedicated for those who are looking to play a drinking game with their partners. Striptease Dice can be really fun and can heat the things up in no time. All you need for this game is some alcohol, shot glasses and a pair of dice. Both of you in turns roll the dice. If you got an even number, you must take a shot, but if the number is odd, you must take off a piece of your clothes. You will either get drunk or naked in very short period of time.