Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

You don’t need to have a phone full of apps and games to have fun. There are so many more things you can do which include fun texting games. Unlike the drinking games, they won’t cost you a thing if you have some kind of free texting service. They are fun and you might learn something new about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Below we’ve listed our top 13 fun and dirty texting games that you might want to try out next time you’re bored or wanting to try something new.

Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Guess Where I Am

This is one of the games to play through text that can go on for hours. You will each take a turn describing the outdoors of a specific place. This could include anywhere from a room that you’ve been to a famous city or landmark. You should probably stick to places that both of you probably know. This is a really fun way to break the ice if you want to try games to play over text with your crush.


This is one of the best texting games that will require a little bit of thinking on both parts. You can start by using abbreviations that you both know and then start making your own. First you give your partner a clue like what am I doing this very moment, then you might write something like LTM, which could mean listening to music. The other person must then try to guess what the abbreviation stands for.

Blind Eye Spy

Now everyone knows that the traditional way to play eye spy requires both of you to be in the same room. The way it works via text would be different. You would choose a random object and start to go into more detail about what it might be. This is more interesting as you have to think harder about clues.

Story Building

This is one of those games to play over text that is guaranteed to make you both laugh. One person starts with a phrase or sentence, and then you take turns adding more to each sentence. When you reach the end of the story you are sure to have a very interesting story. This is a fun game that will make both of you laugh at the end result.

The Name Game

This is one that you’ve probably already played as a kid. First you choose a category which could be anything cars, fruit, cities, whatever you prefer. Then one of you will start with one word to do with the category. The next person must take the last letter of that word and choose something else within the same category. Anyone who repeats or can’t come up with an answer loses. The winner gets to choose the next category.

20 Questions

This is a classic game that can also be turned into one of the best games to play while texting. Just like the original whoever goes first thinks of a person, place, or thing. The other person then gets to ask 20 questions that require a yes or no answer to try and guess what the thing they are thinking of is.

What Would You Rather?

This is one of those fun games to play over text when you are bored. This doesn’t have to be on any one subject which is what makes it so great. You give your girlfriend or boyfriend two options of something to choose from for example; would you rather lose your money or your food? You might be surprised at what their answer is!

Guess That Song!

When it comes to texting games with your girlfriend or boyfriend this is especially great if you have songs you both like. Text them a song lyric in which they then have to guess the song and artist that sang it. Make sure that neither of you is cheating! This is especially easy if you both have phones connected to the internet.

Mashed Up Story

This is great because you always get a crazy story by the end of it. One of you starts with a simple phrase like “Once upon a time” then next person then takes a turn to finish the phrase. Going back and forth like this is a sure way to create a hilarious story. You can start with any subject and go from there.


This has the same principles as eye spy but you must choose a room that you’ve both been in long enough. Pick an object in that room that’s not totally impossible to guess and start from there. Tell them the first letter and let the guessing begin.

Marry, Kiss, Or Kill?

This is a really fun game to play over text in which you must choose three different people. Your girlfriend or boyfriend must then choose which one they would like to marry, which one they would kiss, and which one they would kill. This can be especially funny if you choose three people they really like.

Who Am I?

The basic principles of this texting game are that you choose someone you both know. You must then focus and stay in character and text them things that particular person would say. They can ask you questions and try to figure out who you are impersonating.


This is a fun guessing game that might tell you which movies your girlfriend or boyfriend has seen. Pick a famous line that they use in the movie and see if your girlfriend or boyfriend can guess the right one. This way you can choose movies you love for them to watch if they haven’t yet seen them!

Sometimes, when we’re bored, we’re looking for cool things to draw, sometimes we do truth or dare questions over text, sometimes we do some prank calls to friends or random people and sometimes we can’t be next to the people we really want to be with, these chatting games are a fun way to pass the time and maybe strengthen the bond between you. These text games to play over the phone are a fun, lighthearted way to get to know your girlfriend or boyfriend a little more. So why not try them out and see what happens?