Get Creative With These DIY Earring Holder How To’s

Earrings can bring out a lot of beauty that hides behind every woman. But, they can also be used to decorate a room. All you need is an earring holder. But, why not make a DIY earring holder to bring out your creativity? Here are a few ideas you can freely use to add a touch of beauty to your room. 

Creative DIY Earring Holder Ideas

You can use an old piece of burlap and glue it to a picture frame. Hang your earrings in the already existing holes. You can paint the frame in any color or you can add a pattern, it’s your choice.

diy-earring-holder (3)

If you are looking for a challenge, you can make another figure out of wood or a wire. You can add glitter and anything you can think of, too. diy earring holder

You can use a staple gun or glue to add the mesh, burlap or screen door fabric to the frame.

Studs are one of the things that we lose on a regular basis. You can have a difficult time organizing earrings in them. But, by adding a piece of sponge inside of it, you will never lose another earring.

diy-earring-holder (4)

You can use some wire in order to make a tree. You can paint it however you like, and hanging earrings on it will make this DIY earring holder the most beautiful decoration in your home. diy-earring-holder (6)

You can also use a shoe box lid. Just make holes where you are going to place the earrings and you won’t be able to lose another one. You can put the lid inside of a drawer for an easier access.

diy-earring-holder (1)