Get Organized: The Best Lego Storage Ideas

Lego bricks are amazing aren’t they? They are small, cute, colourful and boost your children’s building imagination. Did I say they are small pieces of building blocks that easily get lost, especially when in the hands of a 3-year old? And the mess they make when your children allow their imagination and building euphoria overwhelm them, and you have guests coming! What you need are some quality Lego storage ideas to provide you with a solution for cleaning the room in a quick and easy manner.

Here Are Some Cool Lego Storage Ideas Kits:

Lego 3 Piece Toy Organizer Cubes

Lego 3 Piece Toy Organizer Cubes

These storage cubes come directly from the Lego organization. They are perfect for kids that like taking their Lego bricks along with them when they go on a trip, in the kinder-garden, or at their grandma’s house for a visit. They come in three different dimensions and are also made so they can fit into each other.

The Lay-N-Go Mat

The Lay-N-Go Mat

This storage idea was invented by two parents that needed a solution for easy cleaning and picking up their children’s Lego bricks. The Lay-n-go mat works as a play surface and easily gets closed with the pull of a zipper, keeping all the bricks and other toys inside. It comes in three dimensions and has a shoulder strap so you can transport it. The smallest one is most suitable for taking it on trips and for transporting toys from one room into another.

DIY Lego Storage Ideas: Hanging Lego Buckets

DIY Lego Storage Ideas Hanging Lego Buckets

This is one of those Lego storage ideas that just screams cuteness. It was invented by a mom who was struggling to find an innovative way to store her kid’s Lego bricks. To make this storage system, get a curtain rod and some plastic or tin buckets. Get hooks and hang the buckets on them, after you’ve painted them and labeled them so your kid can find what it needs in an easy way.

Handmade Lego Storage Tables

A Handmade Lego Table

This is a slightly bigger DIY project, but definitely useful for sets such as Lego City, Lego Friends, Lego Star-Wars, etc. This table comes from a dad that invented it as a Christmas present for his kid. He used a base made of slotted IKEA organizers, and bins, that are designed to slide into the slots. The tabletop is specially designed, to be child-safe, with rounded ends. It’s coloured with paint spray, in royal blue – the exact colour as the Lego brick. One cool dad, right?

Adjustable Lego Table That Grows With Your Child

Adjustable Lego Table That Grows With Your Child

Another Mommy that wondered how to manage the exploding collection of Lego bricks of her sons came with an extraordinary storage idea. She combined the storage ideas she has seen on Pinterest with the Ikea Trofast storage system with an adjustable shelf and created an entire Lego center. The center has a base-plate, which can be moved as her kids grow taller, which means this Lego center is to stay for a long time!

There are a lot more Lego storage solutions available online, such as these suggested Lego storage containers. Or maybe, these can only serve you as a guideline so you can come up with something new and original!