Hair Straightening: Lose the Waves, Make it Behave!

Having curly hair has its own perks. It makes you stand out in a crowd; it’s versatile, meaning that you can create many unique hairstyles; it’s naturally beautiful; BUT having perfectly arranged curly hair: takes you hours to wash, brush and dry it; you have to spend a small fortune on hair products every month; humid weather gives you that “lion king” look; and least but not least, curly hair is not in vogue these years.

On the other hand, straight hair: is easy to maintain; can be left open and still look perfect and beautiful; it’s easy to set no matter the occasion; gives you chances to experiment a lot (there are many haircuts, you can experiment with straight hair, such as short, medium, layered, long, etc.). If you’ve been thinking on permanently straightening your hair, but you could never find the courage to do it so, we encourage you to stop hesitating and start acting now!


Speaking of hair straightening, what you might didn’t know is that ironing is not the only option. There are other hair straightening treatments that give good straightening results that last for longer, not only until you wash your hair. We’ve made an overview of some of the common straightening treatments and procedures you can choose from to say goodbye to the annoying curls and welcome a new, more refreshing look with straight colour.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a structural protein that is “responsible” for the actual layer of your hair. Hence, keratin-based products are used in hair straightening treatments. Keratin treatment is a good choice because aside from relaxing and softening your curls, it improves its overall look by making it look smoother, shiner and stronger. Aided with the effects of other products, the results from this treatment can last for several months. Last but not least, you can perform your keratin treatment at home. Here’s a good tutorial on how to make this straightening treatment by yourself:

Hair Rebonding

If you have very curly hair and you want to straighten it completely, then the hair rebonding treatment may be the most reliable option for you. This treatment includes use of a chemical formula that breaks the bonds that tight your curls. After breaking the bonds and your curls are straighten, the natural physical structure of your hair is rearranged by the formation of new bonds. In comparison to keratin-based treatments, hair rebonding gives more permanent results.

Thermal Ionic Treatment

Also known as Japanese treatment, the thermal ionic treatment is a hair straightening procedure after which the hair remains straight permanently, or in other words until it regrows or you cut it off. Moreover, after this treatment the hair looks silky, fizz-free and even softer than it was before the treatment. The thermal ionic treatment will put an end to those “bad hair days” and you will save your time, money and effort on dealing with your curly hair.

What is the conclusion? Hair straightening is really worth a try! Don’t see loosing your waves as a tragedy, but as a chance to make your hair behave and a chance to transform your look for good, while saving a significant amount of time, effort and money on maintaining your dull curly-hair look.